Justin Allgaier Takes Spectacular Win at RE/MAX 250

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In a spectacular race that wowed fans with dangerous racing and incredible come-backs, Justin Allgaier managed to take the checkered flag at the inaugural Cayuga ARCA RE/MAX 250 just a few days ago.

When Justin Allgaier rolled into the starting grid in a no. 16 Zoller & Bergfield Farming-AG Tech Chevrolet; no one guessed what would follow. However, not long into race Allgaier had pulled into the lead with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hot on his tail and things looked as though they would probably stay that way for most of the race. Things suddenly got exciting about halfway through the race when Stenhouse accidentally nudged Allgaier and sent him spinning off the fourth turn. Everyone thought Allgaier’s victory was a dead loss but Justin was determined to make up for lost time. He pulled into the pits, made two consecutive pit stops and got himself some new tires and a few good adjustments before finally rejoining the field from the tail-end. It was hard work but before long, Allgaier had worked his way all the way back to the front again where he enjoyed a short battle with Stenhouse before taking him on the inside just fifty laps from the finish line. The opening presented itself from the backstretch and Allgaier had to muscle his way inside of his opponent in order to regain his position at the front of the pack. From that point on it was clear that he was going to maintain his position and he kept a good lead until he eventually crossed the finish line in first place.

After the race Justin Allgaier admitted that he had no hard feelings about being nudged by Stenhouse and he said, “This racetrack was really cool and it means a lot to me to win here.” He also commented that the car he was racing in, his father’s Zoller & Bergfield, didn’t look as good after receiving a few donuts on both sides but it drove well. He said the 257-lap event was “tight racing and a lot of fun.” He was followed over the finish line by Frank Kimmel in second and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. came in third and managed to rack up a number of additional accolades including the Aaron’s Lap Leader Award, the Klotz Halfway Leader and the SunTrust Highest Finishing Rookie.

ARCA RE/MAX 250 Travels To Canada

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For the first time in fifteen years the Cayuga ARCA RE/MAX 250 has come back to Cayuga Motor Speedway, where stock cars are expected to tear up the track as driver’s show what they are made of. Fans are excited to finally see the ARCA RE/MAX 250 series back in this corner of the world.

The tenth race of the 21 race ARCA RE/MAX series is set to take place at the Cayuga Motor Speedway in Nelles Corner, Ontario. While the race has been absent from this particular speedway for quite a long time, it has been touring other parts of the country. In fact the touring stock car series has had a friendly relationship with Canadian tracks since about 1967. During that year, Bill Clemens took the trophy for a 100 lap race that took place at Capital City Speedway in Ottawa. Since then the race has been touring the county, with a number of races taking place at the Delaware Speedway London in Ontario. The race, which is set to take place this Sunday on June 29th, is expected to be quite a tight one with all eight U.S. drivers that are participating in the event, having already won at least one race each. Two Canadian drivers – Terry Jones and Ryan Fischer – will also be participating in the event.

While no one can guess exactly how the race will turn out, fans of the ARCA RE/MAX series will be glad to know that this is not the last stop for the year. There will still be another eleven races after the cars compete in Canada, with the race soon taking a trip to the Kentucky Speedway for a practice race on July 1st in preparation for the ARCA RE/MAX 150 at the same raceway on July 18th. The racing at Kentucky will then round up and head out to Toledo, where ARCA members will enjoy a great night out with live country music, great food and plenty of fun at the Toledo Speedway Jam. More about this great racing series will be posted up as the racing progresses so keep an eye on our website for more updates.