Open Car & Truck Show 2014

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The 8th Annual Open Car & Truck Show features Top 40 Best of Show Awards for Cars and Trucks; Top 40 Best of Show Awards for Corvettes and a host of other awards and events. For more information visit

Date: 12 January 2014
Venue: Renegade Corvette Club
City: Sunrise
State: Florida
Country: United States

Automotive Executive of the Year Award goes to Carroll Shelby

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One of the most notable awards in the automotive industry is the Automotive Executive of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award. The award publicly recognizes excellence in automotive leadership from OEM executives and this year Carroll Shelby joined a long list of notable past winners.

Carroll Shelby, a design innovator and racing legend, was presented with the much esteemed award at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) on 16 April 2008. Shelby was very pleased to receive the award and he highlighted his partnership with Ford Motor Co. during the course of his acceptance speech. It was Shelby’s collaboration with Ford Motor Co. in recent years that brought about the resurrection of the Ford Shelby GT500KR. The award is sponsored by the AIAG and DNV Certification.

From replies Shelby made to the many questions he received, it is easy to see that he looks to the future of automotive design rather than the past. His passion for his job was clearly evident and he seemed to indicate that Ford and Shelby Automobiles had a number of plans to bring back some of the legendary cars of the past. He also called hybrid technology a ‘stop-gap’ and told the audience that Shelby would never have a hybrid car. He also commented on his belief that America would go on to enjoy a successful future in the automotive industry.

However cars are not the only thing that Shelby is passionate about. Shortly after having a heart transplant almost fifty years ago, Shelby started the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundationâ„¢. The foundation has since provided much needed coronary and renal assistance to disadvantaged children.

Shelby goes on to join a list of excellent Automotive Executive of the Year Award winners. The award was instated in 1964 and has been won by Rick Wagoner, Jim Press, Bill Ford, Roger Smith, Harold E. Poling, Jr., Dieter Zetsche, Lee Iacocca, John DeLorean, Henry Ford II and Robert Eaton. The award ceremony was attended by more than 200 leaders in the automotive industry. Meanwhile, Shelby will not rest on his laurels but instead looks forward to an exciting future in the field.

Bruce Litton – Drag Racing Driver Extraordinaire

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Drag Racing is probably one of the fastest and most dangerous sports in the world. It takes a brave and fearless driver to get behind the wheel and face speeds of approximately three hundred miles per hour. And when it comes to respected and legendary Drag Racing drivers, Bruce Litton is your man. This magnificent racing driver has led a balanced life as a driver, husband of more than twenty eight years, dedicated father and successful businessman. He is a role model to young aspiring racing drivers and an inspiration to those around him.

Bruce Litton started his racing career as a motorcycle racer and decided to move over to drag racing after hanging up his motorcycle gloves. In 1992, he started taking drag racing seriously, entering the Top Dragster Quick 8 racing program. His natural talent and flair for this thrilling sport was soon evident as he raked in winning positions in eleven national drag racing events and took the championship title three seasons in a row. After enjoying successful racing seasons, Bruce Litton decided to take on a bigger challenge in 1995 as a Top Fuel drag racing champion.

Now, looking back on eleven Top Fuel seasons, it seems that there is just no slowing down this energetic and greatly skilled drag racing driver. His determination and the dedication of this Lucas Oil Team has seen him through many victories, disappointments and close calls, but has led to him winning numerous awards, such as Sportsman of the Year and Iron Man trophies. On the business side of things, Bruce Litton runs a distribution company that specializes in truck conversions and trailer sales. But one of the most rewarding features in Litton’s life must be the completion of his racing shop that took four agonizing years to rebuild, after a devastating fire in 2001.

On entering the shop, you realize that you have just stepped into Oneida, Litton’s hometown until the age of ten, which takes you back to yesteryear. Here you will find the life-size Mobil Gas Station, with all its trimmings and memorabilia. Tires from the time period are awaiting fitting, oil charts are against the wall and batteries to give new life to vehicles. Webb Brothers Hardware is on the corner, with a customers’ 1920 bicycle leaning against the wall. The Sherrifs office, Scott Movie Theatre, Clyde’s Barber Shop, the Chapel, Phillips Drive-In and Troxel Motors with its sales floor filled with breathtaking vehicles of the time welcome visitors. Walking through this magnificent recreation, of which no detail has been left undone, makes visitors feel as if the town will jump to life at any moment.

And of course, at the back, stands the dragster and transporter, ready for their next road trip to an upcoming racing event. Bruce Litton is an all round success story that looks towards the future and to greater things.

2007 Road to the Future Award

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The Automobile Club of Southern California has always been synonymous with vehicle safety, driving projects and overall dedication to anything automobile related. Since being founded in 1900, they have been actively involved in road improvements and increasing safety on public roads. They also gained great popularity with the NHRA Street Legal Program that they ran, through AAA, to lure illegal street racers off the public roads into safe and controlled environments, such as abandoned runways and deserted dry lakes. Annually, the Automobile Club of Southern California awards the prestigious Road to the Future Award to a promising rookie driver. This year there are five nominees who are equally worthy of the honor.

Remaining true to their belief in safety, commitment to the automotive industry and integrity to the association, the Road to the Future Award is presented to the rookie driver of the NHRA PowerAde Drag Racing Series who has shown the most potential for the future during their first racing season. Just being nominated for this award is a wonderful honor, as it proves to the drivers that they have exhibited noteworthy performances and have achieved the recognition of associations such as the Automobile Club of Southern California. The Road to the Future Award is also a magnificent motivational tool, encouraging rookies to excel and work hard at a successful career, not only in drag racing, but in whatever form of racing they pursue and in the automotive industry.

This year the nominees for the 2007 Road of the Future Award are: Barry Henson (Pro Stock Motorcycle), Ashley Force (Funny Car), Matt Scranton (Pro Stock), Justin Humphreys (Pro Stock) and Craig Hankinson (Pro Stock). One of these names will be added to the long list of racing legends who have also been awarded this title, including Doug Kalitta, Gene Wilson, Jason Line, Tony Pedregon, J.R. Todd and Melanie Troxel. In 1998, the Automobile Club of Southern California presented the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum to the public, in which they celebrate the lives and careers of famous drivers, unforgettable racing events and cars that will be etched into the memories of all racing enthusiast. Not only do rookie drivers long for their name to be added to list of Road to the Future Award winners, but to secure a place for themselves in the annals of racing history.

The Borg-Warner Trophy, Indy 500 Victory Symbol

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The Borg-Warner Trophy awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis 500 since 1936 ranks with the Stanley Cup and the World Series Trophy as one of pro sports most recognized rewards. As well, this beautiful trophy has had a long and storied history since it was first awarded to Louis Meyer at a dinner honoring his unprecedented third Indy 500 victory.

This magnificent trophy, standing nearly 64 inches tall and weighing just under 153 pounds was presented by Eddie Rickenbacker, former World War I flying ace and then owner of the Speedway. Crafted of sterling silver and displaying a breathtaking Art Deco design, the “loving cup” style trophy was designed by Robert J. Hill and Gorham, Inc., of Providence, Rhode Island under a commission extended by the Borg-Warner Automotive Company. The trophy cost $10,000 to design and create, a staggering amount of money not only for the time, but also considering America had barely emerged from the darkest depths of the Great Depression.

Several times over the past 70 years, the trophy has been refurbished and redesigned to allow the addition of more winners; no further modifications are expected until 2034 – and the estimated current value of the trophy? A cool $1.3 million!

Unlike other sports trophies, the Borg-Warner Trophy is not given into the possession of the driver. After an elaborate presentation ceremony, the trophy is returned to its place of honor in the Hall of Fame Museum at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That’s not to say that race winners walk away empty handed, however. A 24″ tall model of the Borg-Warner Trophy mounted on a walnut plaque was given to the annual winners up until 1987, when an 18″ tall replica of the trophy was presented to the previous year’s winner shortly before the next year’s race.