Timo Glock

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Formula One driver Timo Glock was born on 18 March 1982 in Lindenfels, Germany. He began karting in 1998 and won various championships. By 2000 he was competing in the BMW ADAC Formula Junior Cup, which he won. Then in 2001 Glock took the Formula BMW ADAC Championship title.

Timo Glock moved to competing in the German Formula Three championship in 2002. That year he came in third place overall. The following year he came fifth in the Formula Three Euroseries, after three race wins and three other podium finishes. In 2004 Glock made the move to Formula One racing, where he competed in a few races for Jordan Grand Prix. He managed to score two points during his debut race, the Canadian Grand Prix.

2005 saw Timo Glock heading to the United States to take part in the Champ Car World Series as part of the Rocketsports team. He ended the season in 8th position and was awarded the Champ Car World Series’ Rookie of the Year. Glock decided to give the GP2 Series a go in 2006, and finished the season fourth in the standings, with two wins. That same year he began testing for BMW Sauber’s F1 team and was signed up to be the second test driver for the 2007 season. In 2007, as well as testing for BMW Sauber, Glock won the GP2 Series after 5 victories.

A talented driver, Timo Glock, was signed on by Toyota for the 2008 Formula One season. He certainly impressed in his first season, gaining second place in Hungary, ending the season with 25 points and coming in tenth in the standings. The 2009 season started off reasonably well for Glock and he was able to come in third in Malaysia and second in Singapore. An accident during a qualifying round in Suzuka, resulted in cracked vertebrae and Glock was unable to complete the season.

With Toyota pulling out of Formula One by the end of 2009, Timo Glock’s future in F1 racing was uncertain. Fortunately he was signed on by Manor Grand Prix (now Virgin Racing) for the 2010 season.

Sebastian Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel was born in the city of Heppenheim, Germany, on 3 July 1987. The racing-bug bit Vettel at a young age and he began racing karts when he was five. At the age of seven he began taking part in the mini klasse kart league. In 2001 he won the German and European Junior Karting titles.

Then, in August of 2002, Vettel began taking part in the selection process at Valencia’s Formula BMW ADAC Racing School, where he met with much success. 2003 saw Sebastian Vettel taking second place in the Formula BMW ADAC championship and winning the rookie trophy. He followed this up in 2004 by winning the Formula BMW ADAC championship with 18 victories and podium finishes in all of the 20 races.

Sebastian Vettel advanced onto the Formula Three Euroseries in 2005, driving for ASL Mucke Motorsport. By the end of the season he came in fifth with 64 points and was named the best rookie driver. He was rewarded for his success by being permitted to test drive the Williams FW27 F1 car. 2006 was a busy year for Vettel. He finished the F3 Euroseries as runner-up, debuted in the World Series by Renault, and was BMW Sauber’s reserve and Friday test driver. A test driver for BMW Sauber in 2007, he substituted for Robert Kubica at the US Grand Prix, ending the race in eighth position. He gained his first ever F1 World Championship point and was named the F1’s youngest point scorer. At the end of July 2007, Vettel joined Scuderia Toro Rosso, and began racing for them in the Hungarian Grand Prix, with exceptional results for the team.

2008 was Sebastian Vettel‘s first full F1 season. During the season he became the youngest winner in F1 with a triumph at Monza. By the end of the season he had finished in eighth overall, with a total of 35 points. For the 2009 season, Sebastian Vettel was moved to the Red Bull Racing team. A thrilling season, Vettel scored the team’s maiden pole and win in China, as well as taking first place at Silverstone and Suzuka. After gaining victory at Abu Dhabi, he came in second in the drivers’ championship. It was announced that Vettel’s contract with Red Bull would extend to 2011.

Robert Kubica

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Born in Kraków, Poland, on 7 December 1984, Robert Kubica has the distinction of being the first Polish driver to compete in Formula One racing. Kubica started his racing career by competing in the Italian Formula Renault 2000 and Formula Renault 200 Eurocup in 2001. He progressed to Formula Three and continued to build his reputation as a competitive and consistent driver, winning the Renault World Series in 2005.

The year 2006 proved to be a turning point in Kubica’s career as he was appointed as Formula One reserve driver with BMW Sauber. He went on to replace Jaques Villeneuve for the final six races of the season, thereby becoming the first Polish driver to compete in the sport. Claiming third place in the Italian Grand Prix, he became the first driver to finish on the podium within his first three F1 races since Villeneuve achieved this in 1996. It was confirmed at the end of the 2006 F1 season that Kubica would be driving for BMW Sauber for the 2007 season.

Kubica started off well in the 2007 season, consistently achieving point scoring finishes. However, at the Canadian Grand Prix Kubica had a serious accident, resulting in his car rolling across the track, striking a wall and landing on its side. Considering that he had been subjected to a peak G-force of 75G when his car hit the wall, he escaped with relatively minor injuries of a concussion and sprained ankle. It did, however, result in him being unable to compete at the 2007 US Grand Prix, where test driver Sebastian Vettel took the wheel. Kubica was back in action for the French Grand Prix where he finished in fourth place, going on to achieve a fourth place finish for the British Grand Prix as well.

Retained by BMW Sauber for the 2008 season, Kubica soon established himself as a serious contender for the title, taking the first pole position at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and notching up second place finishes at both the Malaysian and Monaco events. It was on the June 8, at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix that Kubica achieved his first F1 victory. Having started second on the grid, he soon passed Lewis Hamilton, who was in the lead. On leaving the pits after the first pit stop, Hamilton crashed into the back of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari, putting both cars out of the race and leaving the field open for Kubica who had been in the pits at the same time. Kubica won the race, joking that it had been his good fortune that Hamilton had not crashed into him seeing as he was alongside Raikkonen when the incident happened. Kubica finished the season fourth in the drivers’ championship.

Following the excitement and success of 2008, the 2009 season proved to be disappointing, with the new BMW Sauber F1.09 underperforming all the way. Robert Kubica managed to earn a second place in Brazil, which boosted his points, but he started to look for an alternative team for the 2010 season. With BMW announcing plans to withdraw from F1, Kubica signed with Renault in October 2009 for the 2010 season, with Russian driver Vitaly Petrov as his team-mate. No doubt fans will be watching the career of this talented young driver very closely as the 2010 season progresses.

BMW Sauber

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In July 2009, BMW announced that it would withdraw from Formula One racing at the end of the Season

BMW, an abbreviation for Bavarian Motor Works, is an independent motorcycle and car manufacturer based in Munich, Germany. The manufacturer is known world-wide for producing beautiful, up-market cars that are a pleasure to drive. BMW also acts as a parent company for MINI and Rolls-Royce. The company has been involved in motor sport ever since they created their first motorcycle. They have competed successfully in Formula One racing, Formula Two racing and Rally racing, amongst others.

Initially BMW supported existing Formula One teams such as Williams and McLaren. In 2005, BMW made the decision to leave Williams F1 and to purchase the Sauber F1 team which was founded by Peter Sauber in 1993. The team became known as BMW – Sauber F1 and although BMW is the owner, constructor and engine manufacturer for the team, they decided to leave the Sauber name as a gesture of goodwill to Peter Sauber who currently acts as a consultant for the team.

BMW started its involvement in motor vehicle racing in the 1940s. They initially used their 328 model to participate in F2 racing, using the sport as a stepping stone to F1 racing. They ran their own team until F2 racing was stopped periodically in 1955 and then switched to F1. Even though F2 was later revived, BMW decided not to get involved with this aspect of the sport again – that was until F2 regulations allowed 1600cc motors. Suddenly the idea of F2 racing became a lot more appealing and by the end of the 1960s, BMW had developed the ‘M12’ engine as well as their 269 chassis. They continued to enjoy great success through the 1970s and decided to get more involved in F1 in the 1980s.

In 1982, BMW raced their first turbocharged engine, the M12/13. It was a complete success and it took its first win and the Canadian Grand Prix. The following year the engine took four more wins and won the driver’s championship. By 1984, BMW was supplying quite a few F1 teams with their multiple-victory engines. Despite BMW’s withdrawal from the sport near the end of 1986, the engine continued to be in use until turbocharged motors were banned from the sport. Tody the BMW M12/13 Turbocharged 14 engine is still recognised as being the first F1 engine capable of a 1000hp racing trim. In 1997 BMW developed a partnership with the Williams Grand Prix Engineering. The partnership proved to be most successful and BMW went on to enjoy many wins with excellent drivers like Ralf Schumacher, Jenson Button and Pablo Montoya behind the wheel.

In 2005, disagreements between BMW and Williams resulted in a bad season and the decline of the partnership. BMW decided to purchase Sauber’s multi-million dollar research and development facility and take over the team. In 2006, the BMW-Sauber F1 team was born allowing BMW to exercise full control over their own team.

Vettel Wins Italian Grand Prix

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21-year-old German driver Sebastien Vettel is a new face on the F1 scene, but he isn’t’ unknown altogether. He has spent the last year driving for BMW Sauber in the United States after Kubica suffered a devastating car crash. During that time he became the youngest driver to score a Formula One point when he finished eighth. He went on to replace Scott Speed for Torro Rosso for the final seven races of the year. Clearly this youngster has a lot of talent.

It comes as no surprise then that even though he’s still relatively new to the F1 scene, Vettel became the youngest driver to ever win a Formula One Grand Prix when he won the Italian Grand Prix at Monza on Sunday. Starting from pole position, he not only quickly managed to pull ahead of the pack, but he also kept his cool and came out tops on a wet racetrack. Vettel was driving for Scuderia Toro Rosso and displayed exceptional composure during the course of the weekend’s events. Not only did he race exceptionally well during the qualifying, finishing ahead of Ferrari, McLaren and BMW Sauber, but when it came to the big race he continued to keep his cool. By the time he made his first pit stop he had already gained a six-second lead over second-place finisher Heikki Kovalainen, who was racing for McLaren. Robert Kubica, who finished third, used a one-stop strategy to work his way up from his start at 11th on the grid.

During interviews with the press, Sebastien Vettel described his win on Sunday as being a somewhat unbelievable experience. He said: “It was difficult to realize what had happened. It was unbelievable seeing everybody going crazy all the way round the circuit. To see the people in the team, from my family, going mad and then to listen to my national anthem I started to cry.” It isn’t difficult to imagine what an emotional experience it must have been for the young and still relatively inexperienced driver to surpass other racing greats with inexplicable ease and take home the winner’s trophy. Hopefully this will mark the start of a long and illustrious career for Vettel who will be racing with Red Bull Racing next year.

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