Oktoberfest 2009

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The Oktoberfest 2009, which is hosted by the Vintage Auto Racing Association, pays tribute to German engineering. Carson Trailer will be presenting a host of German racing vehicles, and the festival gives drivers and vehicle owners, with Ground School clearance, the opportunity to take to the track and show off their driving skills and vehicle capabilities. There will also be live entertainment and food stalls throughout the day, with a big party on Saturday night to bring vibrant celebration to the festival.

Those interested in entering the racing, or for general information in regard to the festival, visit the Vintage Auto Racing Association website at http://www.vararacing.com/.

Date: 12 – 13 September 2009
Venue: Buttonwillow Raceway Park
City: Buttonwillow, CA
Country: United States of America

Spanish Armada win Rally of Nations

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Today’s final two stages saw the Spanish team confirm the lead it had built up over the three days of the Rally Corona México, Rally of Nations, to be finally proclaimed winners. Xevi Pons and Dani Solà were victorious in ten of the rally’s eighteen stages, accumulating a total of 1,067.5 points, followed in second place by Austrians Manfred Stohl and Andreas Aigner, who together won on four occasions. At the close of the competition, 128 points separated the two countries. The last place on the podium was taken by France, led by Didier Auriol, who, with the help of Brice Tirabassi, managed the fastest time on only one of the stages. Spain,
therefore, takes away the 50,000-dollar first prize.

Austrian driver Stohl has no reason to feel defeated, however, his being the fastest individual driver with a winning total time of 2’57:28.7 for the 18 stages, just 14.4 seconds faster than his fellow countryman Aigner. Stohl, meanwhile, walks away with 15,000 dollars for being the fastest driver on each day of the competition.

The final order of the first ten places remained unchanged from yesterday, the drivers setting out today to hold on to their positions, though still putting on quite a show for the hundreds of fans who gathered on the Guanajuato sierra, and at León’s racetrack, where the Scotiabank Super Special stage took place. The prize-giving and closing ceremony took place, as it does
every year, at the Foro del Lago, where fans came to say goodbye to the competitors.

This first edition of the Rally of Nations was enjoyed by all those who took part, all of whom expressed their admiration for this new format, one which will undoubtedly draw many more competitors in the future. The first edition of this event confirms the enormous popularity of the state of Guanajuato’s roads as a venue for rallies, it having brought together major names
from the rallying world, as can be seen from its line-up.

Rally of Nations’ unofficial positions

Pos. Team Drivers Points
1 Spain Pons/Solà 1067.5
2 Austria Stohl/Aigner 939.5
3 France Tirabassi/Auriol 712
4 Germany Gassner Jr./Wallenmein 542.5
5 Sweden Sandell/Andersson 422.5
6 Mexico 2 Triviño/Salgado 320
7 Finland Gardemeister/Rovanpera 240
8 USA 2 Johnson/Bartram 191.5
9 Mexico 1 Ordóñez/Cortes 127
10 Peru Tijero/Pestana 38

Unofficial positions

Pos Crew Team Time
1 Stohl/Minor Austria 2’57:28.7
2 Aigner/Weissengruben Austria +14.4
3 Auriol/Giraudet France +1:45.9
4 Pons/Haro Spain +2:14.6
5 Wallenwein/Kopczyk Germany +7:35.3
6 Gassner Jr./Wustenhagen Germany +10:11.7
7 Solà/Sánchez Spain +11:34.2
8 Triviño/Salom Mexico 2 +16:09.9
9 Johnson/Beavis USA 2 +21:25.1
10 Ordóñez/Pimentel Mexico 1 24:38.2

Targa Racing

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The world of auto racing certainly has something for everyone. While most people focus on mainstream auto racing, there are those who prefer to look for a more exclusive avenue of the sport. If you’re one of those people, you may well find that Targa Racing is for you.

Targa Racing is not a terribly new concept. It got its start at the Targa Florio, a motor racing event that used to take place regularly on the island of Sicily. When this event was finally brought to an end, the concept of tarmac-based road rally racing did not end with it. Instead it continued to spread, so that today it is an internationally recognized avenue of auto racing that enjoys great support from both drivers and fans.

The basic competition concept evident in Targa Racing has been carefully drawn up over the years by borrowing certain rules and guidelines from other events. The end result is that it is now based on the best aspects of the Mille Miglia, the Tour de Corse and the Coupe des Alpes. Competition is fierce and the rally is run regularly at various locations across the globe. Many are surprised to find that even the island state of Tasmania in Australia has been hosting an annual Targa Racing event since 1992. It is known as Targa Tasmania. Other popular editions of the rally include Targa Newfoundland, which is based in Canada, Targa New Zealand and Targa West which is run in Western Australia. There are also considerably more events, though smaller than those already mentioned.

Targa Newfoundland is a particularly popular edition of the sport. It has already been running for more than seven years and remains the first and only event of this nature to be held in North America. The 2200 km course that faces competitors each September provides the perfect opportunity to push automotive limits and drive your heart out. Though the course winds through beautiful open roads, past the glittering Atlantic Ocean and through beautiful countryside, competitors usually do not have a moment to stop and take it all in. Cars are raced at incredible speeds during this world-class event and the majority of roads used for the race are closed to the general public during the event for safety reasons. If you would like to enter the world of Targa Racing, Targa Newfoundland would be the perfect place to start.

Petter Solberg returns to Mexico

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Norwegian driver, Petter Solberg, has confirmed his presence in Guanajuato, at the Corona Rally Mexico, Rally of Nations edition. The 2003 world champion and current WRC driver will be arriving in Mexico City next Wednesday, later heading for León, Guanajuato, where he’ll be providing an alternative attraction and mixing with the other drivers and fans, his being unable to compete against the other major figures that will be there due to his packed schedule.

His arrival in the city of León is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, July 9th, and he will be attending the Shakedown, where he will probably spend at least some time behind the wheel, though not for the same reason as the competitors, but simply to offer the special guests the experience of riding shotgun with a former world champion, something that would not have happened had he been in competition.

After the Shakedown, he will be at the Poliforum, where he will be signing autographs for the public in general. The Mexican audience still recalls his 2005 victory at this very same venue, where, following his win, he celebrated, Mexican-style, in a traditional charro hat.

We can also confirm that the Norwegian driver will be present at the Start Ceremony, but this time aboard the “0” car. So, given his charisma and the special empathy he has with the Mexican fans, it’ll be quite a show. This time the start line will be in front of the Juarez Theater, with a second show in front of the Alhóndiga de Granaditas.

During the competition, there will also be driving experiences during the Scotiabank Super Special Stage, autograph signings and interviews with the media.

“I’m very excited about going back to Mexico; its rally is very well organized and the legs are really good.” The people are among the best. I remember very well all their support when I won in 2005. It was fantastic and something that I will never forget”, declared Solberg.

With this confirmation, Petter Solberg joins the contingent of world personalities at the Corona Rally Mexico, and, although he won’t be competing, he has praised the organization of this event.

Sweden Confirms a first rate team for Rally of Nations

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With their eyes on Corona Rally Mexico, Rally of Nations, great drivers continue to confirm their presence in Guanajuato, Mexico. Now it is Sweden’s turn to sign up two of their international drivers, Per-Gunnar Andersson and Patrik Sandell—Junior champions in 2004 and 2006 respectively—who will proudly bear their country’s flag, and who have already said they intend to win.

Having visited Mexico twice already—in 2005, when he took second place in the Junior category, and again in 2008, when as official driver for the Suzuki WRC team he was forced to drop out of the race—PG Andersson is familiar with the route of Corona Rally Mexico, something that will certainly make a difference in the Rally of Nations, which sticks largely to the previous route.

Twelve victories in the Junior category and one championship set the Swede up to drive a Suzuki WRC car in 2008, when the Japanese company first tested the waters in this, the ultimate category. Despite being his first year, Andersson managed two fifth places, a testament to his great driving skills.

“We are going to Mexico to win; Sandell and I will make a very strong team”, said Per-Gunnar.

As for his teammate, with four victories in the WRC Junior category and one championship in this same category to his name, Patrik Sandell, has expressed a strong desire to win on Mexican soil.

Sandell is currently competing in the World Rally Championship’s Production category, where he is in third place overall, having won in Norway and Cyprus.

Team director Anders Dawidson thanked Mexico for its initiative in this event. “For a long time, we have lacked a team in Rally events, and now, two of our best drivers have been given this chance to make the podium”, commented Dawidson.

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