Michael Schumacher chairman of Motor Sport Safety Development Fund

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Michael Schumacher Heads New Motor Sport Safety Development Fund

May 29, 2008 by  
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The Motor Sport Safety Development Fund has been created to manage the distribution of the $60 million awarded to the FIA (Federation Internationale De L’Automobile) as part of the $100 million fine which was imposed on McLaren-Mercedes in 2007. Heading up the new fund as Chairman, is Michael Schumacher, seven times Formula One world champion.

Turkish Grand Prix Review

May 15, 2008 by  
Filed under Features

The 2008 Turkish Grand Prix turned out to be just the face-paced, action-packed event that fans and spectators were hoping for. Punctured tires, scary accidents and some brilliant driving kept pulses racing as Felipe Massa struggled to defend his position at the front of the pack. In the end Massa managed to take the winner’s trophy for the Turkish Grand Prix for the third time in a row.

Update on the 2008 F1 Season

April 24, 2008 by  
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With the first three flyaway races of the F1 season complete, now is a good time to have a look at which teams are making their way to the top or dropping to the back. The European Season will be starting in Spain later this month and teams are certainly making good use of the small break between now and then to test their vehicles and improve their chances of winning. A look at some of the top F1 teams will give fans an idea of what to expect for the season.

The Viper Bites Back

November 13, 2007 by  
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With the increasing pressure on vehicle manufacturers to create faster and more dynamic sports cars than their competitors, it seemed only fitting for the Dodge Viper so receive a facelift. Even though the new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR has only been slightly modified on its exterior, there have been major changes under its skin that have led to a better performing and safer Viper.

Formula One Champion Kimi Raikkonen

October 30, 2007 by  
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When the final Formula One race for the 2007 season kicked off in Brazil, many spectators were almost certain that the race favorite Lewis Hamilton was going to walk away with the championship title. But victory evaded the McLaren Team, as Kimi Raikkonen drove his way to the winning position in the calm and collected style that has earned him the nickname, Iceman.

F1 Championship 2007 Season Round up

October 16, 2007 by  
Filed under Features

The F1 Championship for 2007 has been a racing season filled with rivalry, disappointment, elation, shocking events and pleasant moments of surprise. It has been a year for F1 Grand Prix like no other. Many fans were concerned when the legendary Michael Schumacher announced his retirement, wondering if the famous tension between Ferrari and McLaren would slip into the pages of history. But those fears were laid to rest during the 2007 F1 racing season.

The New Ferrari F2007

March 26, 2007 by  
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To the untrained eye and to the enthusiasts that are not mechanically minded, the new F2007 Ferrari or as the project was known, the 658, does not look all that different to its predecessor. But as the professionals know, it is all in the small details. And it is those unnoticeable changes that makes all the difference in a Formula One performance car.

Abu Dhabi hosting 2009 F1 Grand Prix

February 12, 2007 by  
Filed under News

The management of Formula 1, announced to a excited and large gathering of supporters and drivers, that Adu Dhabi will be included into the 2009 Formula One racing schedule. The chairman and CEO of the Formula 1 management, Bernie Ecclestone, said that he was pleased to have Abu Dhabi as part of the Formula 1 family, and went on to express his confidence in the new member of the racing schedule. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates that offers a beautiful location surrounded by islands and spectacular beaches.

Formula One: The Triumphant Return of Michael Schumacher

May 12, 2006 by  
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Heading into the halfway point for the 2006 F1 season, Michael Schumacher held off Fernando Alonso in a tight duel Sunday May 7th to win the San Marino Grand Prix. Schumacher covered 62 laps around the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit in 1 hour, 31 minutes, 6.486 seconds, with Alonso 2.0 seconds behind.

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