Michael Schumacher

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Michael Schumacher is without a doubt one of the world’s most outstanding Formula One drivers. Statistically speaking Schumacher is F1’s greatest driver ever. World Champion seven times over, Michael Schumacher has received worldwide recognition and has a massive following of fans. Schumacher was also well-known as the first billionaire athlete in the world with his 2004 annual salary coming in at $80 million. A name spoken of widely, Michael Schumacher will always be a Formula One racing legend.

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher was born on 3 January 1969 in Germany. At the tender age of 4 he began using his father’s homemade kart in races. A whiz behind the wheel of the simple pedal-kart with a motorcycle engine, Michael won his first championship when he was 6 years old. His racing talents were soon recognized by his parents and others who sought to sponsor him. As a youngster he went on to claim a number of European and German kart championships. In the year 1988 Michael Schumacher competed in the Formula Ford series and later won the German Formula 3 series in 1990. At the end of that year he became a member of the Mercedes junior racing program. He gained victory in both 1990 and 1991.

Schumacher as a F1 driver for Benetton won two championships. In 1996 he joined Ferrari. In no time at all Schumacher turned the flailing team around, winning a number of championships for them. What made Michael Schumacher such a remarkable Formula One driver? He became renowned for taking his car to its limits, for creating fast laps at vital times and excellent driving skills even in wet conditions. In fact his mastery over wet tracks gained him the title “Regenmeister” or “Rain Master”. Throughout his career Michael Schumacher has taken home a number of awards and titles. In 2002 and 2004 he was the recipient of the prestigious Laureaus World Sportsman of the Year. The FIA Gold Medal for Motor Sports was awarded to Schumacher. Currently Michael Schumacher has gained practically every F1 record including most races won in a season, fastest laps, most drivers’ championships, pole positions and race victories.

Sadly, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious head injury while skiing in December 2013 and remained in a coma for nearly six months. As of December 2014, he is said to be making some cognitive progress in that he is starting to recognize people he knows, but he remains paralyzed and wheelchair bound.

Robert Doornbos – Successful in F1 and CART

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Robert Michael Doornbos was born on the 23 September 1981 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Doornbos drives for the Red Bull Racing Formula One team as a Dutch racing driver. When Robert Doornbos was growing up he had a great love for tennis. He took the sport seriously and even took part in a semi-professional national level for his home country, the Netherlands.

Then in 1998 Robert Doornbos was invited to be a guest of Williams F1 at the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix. It was soon after this event that he decided to focus on racing instead of tennis. A year later in 1999 Doornbos joined the JR racing team and took part in the Opel Lotus UK Winter series. Then in 2000 he took part in the Formula Ford Zetec Benelux series and the Belgian championships.

In 2001 Doornbos competed in the British Formula 3 Championship with FGR Racing. It was here that he was noticed especially when he finished second at a Formula 3 race that was in support of the British Grand Prix. Robert Doornbos then moved to the German Formula 3 championships where he drove for Ghinzani Team. In 2004 Doornbos became the official test driver for the Jordan F1 team. His impressive record as a test driver over the 2004 year led to him being reappointed with the Jordan team for 2005.

The year 2005 was also the year Robert Doornbos became the new race driver for Minardi. He took part in eight Grand Prix races with Minardi and reached thirteenth position at the Turkish and Belgian Grand Prix. At the end of 2005 Red Bull bought out Minardi. Doornbos became the team’s test and reserve driver, which gave him an opportunity to show off his talents as a driver. When Christian Klein left the team an opening gave Robert Doornbos the opportunity to be promoted to second position.

This position was short lived when Mark Webber joined the Red Bull team and was immediately promoted to number two driver. This meant that Doornbos had to step down to the role of third driver again. The number one driver for the Red Bull team belongs to David Coulthard. At the moment Robert Doornbos is driving for Minardi Team USA while he takes part in the 2007 Champ Car World Series.