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The Viper Bites Back

November 13, 2007 by  
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With the increasing pressure on vehicle manufacturers to create faster and more dynamic sports cars than their competitors, it seemed only fitting for the Dodge Viper so receive a facelift. Even though the new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR has only been slightly modified on its exterior, there have been major changes under its skin that have led to a better performing and safer Viper.

NASCAR Sponsorship Secrets

March 12, 2007 by  
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You may not know the exact amount a company pays to have their brand blazoned on your favorite NASCAR car hoods and bodies, but you must be aware that it is worth millions of dollars! NASCAR has set a new trend in global sponsorship with respect to the amounts of money it attracts from sponsors.

Corvette’s New Releases

February 19, 2007 by  
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2007 will be a grand year for Corvette as fans of the brand will certainly be impressed with the newest special-edition models. These are the Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Champion Corvette Z06 and Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Replica Corvette Convertible. These two exceptional vehicles have been designed with unique exterior and interior features. Only a limited number of these special edition Corvettes will be manufactured for sale to the public.

Auto Racing: 24 Hours of Le Mans

August 7, 2006 by  
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For many car enthusiasts the true test of endurance is the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Run every year since 1923, except 1936 for economic reasons and 1940-48 during the Second World War, this race has become the true test of a driver‘s ability and determination. The race takes place at Cirque de la Sarthe in the town of Le Mans and is considered by some to be the most famous automobile race in the world.

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