Fuchs Rallycross Open Championship 2010

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The Knockhill Racing Circuit is referred to as the Motor Sports Center of Scotland. It is home to many championship racing events and on 1 August 2010, it will be bringing the Fuchs Rallycross Open Championship 2010, to racing enthusiasts. A variety of exciting categories will be taking place, such as Procar 2000, Super National Plus, Supercar, Juniors, Super Minis and much more. This competitive championship is one of the highlights of the year, and motor sport enthusiasts should not miss out on this event.

For additional information in regard to ticket pricing and racing events, visit the Rallycross website at http://www.rallycrossopen.com/index2.php.

Date: 1 August 2010
Venue: Knockhill Racing Circuit
City: Dunfermline, Fife
Country: Scotland

Toronto Motorcycle Show 2009

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On the 11th, 12th and 13th of December 2009, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will be hosting the Toronto Motorcycle Show 2009. A host of powerful two wheeled machines will be on display for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy, not only showcasing the latest models, but will also be exhibiting motorcycle gear, accessories and a variety of products. Some of the scooters and bikes on display include models by Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Buell, Yamaha, KTM and Honda, to name but a few.

Visitors to this massive motorcycle show will also have the opportunity to talk too many of the industry leaders and enjoy live entertainment. For more information in regard to show times and exhibitors, visit the convention centre website at www.mtccc.com.

Date: 11 – 13 December 2009
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
City: Toronto
Country: Canada

Formula 1

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Formula One is considered by many to be the apex of auto racing and motor sports. Highly specialized and designed for top speeds, watching Formula One race cars gliding around circuits is nothing less than thrilling. Formula One, also referred to as Grand Prix and F1, is a million dollar sport, attracting numerous big-name sponsors and massive crowds lining up for their F1 tickets. Enjoyed throughout the world, most people know at least the big names in the sport of F1.

Formula One racing falls under the governing body of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile or FIA. The FIA sets out a number of rules and regulations for both cars and participants, ensuring safety and fairness in races. Formula One circuits or tracks are scattered throughout the world. During the F1 world championship several races are held at these circuits. By the end of the Grand Prix season all the results are added up. World Championship titles are awarded to the winning driver of the season as well as to the winning constructor. The world of F1 is divided into Formula One teams, typically with two main drivers. These F1 teams establish close relationships with F1 race car manufacturers so as to test and develop the best racing cars. Successful Formula One drivers earn large amounts of money especially through sponsorships. Well-known names such as Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen and Fernando Alonso have shot to Formula One fame.

The history of Formula One racing extends back many years. Road races were held as long ago as the 1890s in France. The original race cars weren’t designed with aerodynamics in mind and were quite heavy. Races took place along public roads and drivers had to bring mechanics along. The first ever Grand Prix was hosted at Le Mans in 1901. World War One brought a brief end to auto racing in Europe. A number of drivers decided to compete in the USA’s Indianapolis 500. Two of the best manufacturers during the 1920s were Bugatti and Fiat. The 1930s were marred by the Great Depression. Reduced money led to a decrease in Grand Prix’s fan base. However, 1933 witnessed a remarkable win by Tazio Nuvolari at Monaco. Germany began to emerge as an F1 leader in 1934 with teams such as Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. The German’s also brought aerodynamics into the design of Formula One vehicles.

Modern Formula One racing is said to have begun in 1950 with the Pau Grand Prix. For some time British F1 teams dominated the sport, gaining victory in 12 World Championships. Wings were added to F1 cars in 1968 to improve traction through downforce. In 1978 ground effects were also introduced but later banned in 1983. 1977 saw turbo chargers on the track. These too were banned in 1989. Since those times Formula One vehicles have been improved and developed greatly.

Formula One is an extremely popular sport that is set to continue drawing large crowds to F1 circuits and TV sport channels. Broadcast worldwide, Formula One racing and drivers have a global following.

Alabama Motorsports Park Opening in 2009

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In 2009 the opening for the Alabama Motorsports Park, a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Speedway, will take place in South Alabama. This Speedway will attract hundreds of entertainment seekers and fans who want to see and support racers and their teams at racing events.

The Alabama Motorsports Park is mainly owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., his sister Kelley Earnhardt Elledge and their brother Kerry Earnhardt, but there are a number of other investors involved. What will distinguish the Alabama Motorsports Speedway from the other racing venues is that it will have a total of four racing areas. The sections will include a dirt and sprint track, oval track, road course and a drag strip.

The Oval track at the Alabama Speedway will have 75,000 permanent seats available for fans, but enough space for 125,000 people. The Oval will consist of a D-shaped, light asphalt oval, which will be 7/10 miles long. This course will be able to accommodate open wheel racing, stock car racing and other similar events.

The Alabama Motorsports Speedway’s Sprint Track will be 3/8 miles of dirt, which will be able to accommodate any sprint car events. The Dragway will attract all types of drag racing events and will take place on a 1/4 mile track. The Road Course is made up of two sections that consist of different road surfaces. They are connected together and used as testing facilities.

The Alabama Motorsports Park will host a number of motor sports events ensuring that all types of racing fans can enjoy their favourite sport. These events will consist of open wheel, stock car, sprint and drag races. Parking has been looked into thoroughly and will be planned in such a way that all racing fans will have easy access to their vehicles no matter which racing venue they are attending.

There will also be a highly rated RV Park resort available to race fans to stay at throughout the year when attending any of the racing events at the Alabama Speedway. The RV Park will include a lake filled with fish for guests who are keen fishermen. There will also be a variety of restaurant outlets, music facilities (like the Branson-style music theatre), entertainment facilities and retail locations to keep everyone busy.

Racing fans are looking forward to the Alabama Motorsports Park’s opening in 2009.

More Power under the Hood

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Out of sight should not be out of mind in auto racing! Most auto racing enthusiasts know that what lies under the hood matters, but what about the systems under the chassis. Brakes and transmission occupy much of our attention, and some car racing fans spare the occasional thought for suspension. However, how about your muffler and exhaust system? When was the last time you took a look? Do you know what a new muffler and exhaust can do for you?

A muffler and exhaust system may look boring, and all brands tend to look deceptively similar from the outside. The truth is that great innovation goes in to the design and construction of the best mufflers and exhausts. Top brands can make a world of difference to motor sports and to your driving pleasures as well. Should auto racing enthusiasts worry about such mundane matters?

Mufflers and exhaust directly affect engine temperatures. This translates in to better performance in terms of torque and acceleration. Proper exhaust extends engine life by reducing wear and tear, and you get better fuel economy to boot. You will be in for pleasant surprises when you test drive your old car with a new exhaust and muffler system, and when you fill up at the gas station as well!

Claims of rival manufacturers about the patented pr special features of their muffler and exhaust technologies can leave the non-engineering graduate car enthusiast baffled. Everyone says that their products work better, and that they use superior grades of components and materials. Who do you believe? Enter NASCAR! Opt for official specifications, take what NASCAR recommends in to account, and check out what your favorite team does. You can be sure that no NASCAR championship uses a poor muffler and exhaust system.

Your problems are not over even after you have chosen a muffler and exhaust brand. Where will you get the best price? Are you sure you will not be duped? Will the system your car needs be in stock. Will the online store deliver in time? Can you get a part of the wholesale discount? All these worries fade away when you become a regular at the web site of a reputed dealer in NASCAR approved parts. So start browsing now, and find that muffler and exhaust system which will give you a new driving experience, and useful fuel and repair savings as well!

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