USAC/CRA Sprint Car Debut Race at Calistoga

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The Calistoga Speedway at the Napa County Fairgrounds in California will be buzzing with the excitement of auto racing fans and the reverberation of high-powered engines when the USAC/CRA Sprint Cars take to the track on 30-31 August 2008. This will be the first time that USAC/CRA (United States Auto Club/Champion Racing Association) Sprint Cars will be competing on the historic half-mile Calistoga Speedway in a race that is sure to uphold the track’s seventy-one year record for hosting spectacular racing.

The two highly competitive thirty-lap races will pay tribute to the late Louie Vermeil, who died in 1987. This well respected Californian racing legend served as a driving force for the establishment of motor sport in the Napa Valley, being instrumental in the founding of the Northern Auto Racing Club. Vermeil was an expert auto mechanic whose local Owl Garage was an institution in the area for around fifty years. Vermeil built and owned a number of racing cars, as well as playing a significant role in organizing races at the Napa County Fairgrounds. Calistoga’s first race in 1937 had one of Louie Vermeil’s cars in the line-up and he was the American Racing Association’s car owner champion in 1950.

In addition to the USAC/CRA Sprint Car races, the two nights of racing will include the USAC Western Midgets. Although this is the first USAC/CRA Sprint Car race to be held at Calistoga, USAC racing first made its appearance on the track in 1993, with Billy Boat winning a Midget race and going on to notch up four Calistoga triumphs in the following years. Other Midget race winners at Calistoga include Wally Pankratz, Johnny Cofer, Jim Keene and Tony Stewart.

Steve Howard of So-Cal Performance in Downey, California, put forward the idea for the upcoming racing event to serve as a tribute to Louie Vermeil whose sons Stan and Dick Vermeil are contributing tow money for traveling teams, as well as lap prize money.

Calistoga is referred to as “The Hot Springs of the West” and sights to see include an impressive erupting geothermal well, affectionately known as “Old Faithful”, a petrified forest, the superb architecture of the Calistoga City Hall and the fascinating Calistoga Water Truck Sculpture. Auto racing enthusiasts traveling to Napa County for this exciting USAC/CRA Sprint Car event, will have much to see and do when they are not enjoying the excitement at the Calistoga Speedway.

NASCAR: Parts Matter!

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Real NASCAR fans look after their cars with the same passion that they have for the sport! Perhaps you cannot attain acceleration or speeds you see on tracks; hopefully you do not encounter the turns and banks of the NASCAR circuit; but you still deserve to get the best out of the investments in your own automobile. A poorly kept set of wheels will not sit well with current knowledge of the latest developments on the NASCAR circuit, racy accounts of events you have seen, and prospects for the best of Nextel!

Parts matter when a car has aged and is out of warranty; perhaps you have one which is pre owned. NASCAR fans are accustomed to keeping even vintage models in mint condition, while nerds muck up even a brand new car in next to no time! Have you ever stopped to wonder how a car stands out on the street for the way it is kept, or how a ride in a friend’s car can take you by surprise for its superb tuning and drive? Maintenance matters from day 1, but it is really critical as any automobile approaches the end of the manufacturer’s warranty mileage and period. Driving habits make a huge difference as well, and it can take you quite some time and effort to get an automobile which someone else has used earlier, to handle and to perform exactly the way you want.

Everyone who follows the NASCAR circuit, and who has watched pit crews at close quarters, knows that genuine spares make a huge difference. However, it can be tempting to compromise on this aspect when it comes to your automobile, because pricing is so confusing, and you are unsure about who to trust. Would not life be easier if you could source the Real McCoy easily, and without getting ripped off?

Enter the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA)! This body has been around even before NASCAR started, and has served generations of U.S. auto lovers. You can count on association members not just for genuine spares, but for top quality, economical, and reliable repairs as well. NAPA has over 200 thousand items in stock, and each is carefully chosen to meet the highest performance specifications. Get the NAPA advantage next time you are on the market for spares and repairs!