Midget Car Racing – Gateway to Auto Racing

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If you are a racing fan you likely already know all about midget car racing. Many racing car drivers start out their professional careers with midget cars or at least quarter midget cars and this form of race car driving can be exciting. Of course, it does not quite have the sponsorship or coverage of NASCAR or F1 events, but it certainly does have a large following of fans and racers of all ages.

Midget cars can basically be described as small racecars with four-cylinder engines that weigh only about 1000 pounds and which are capable of reaching high speeds despite their size and the weight they carry. They are not specifically used by midgets but rather are used by average-sized drivers despite the vehicle’s size and weight. Midget cars are fully equipped with roll cages and other safety features since their size and speed can result in dangerous accidents. They are raced over relatively short distances and are often used in indoor arenas and there are a number of spectacular annual midget car racing events which are held all over America. Often racers from other forms of racing participate in midget car racing events for entertainment and recreational purposes.

In a similar vein, Quarter Midget racing is also very popular. Roughly ¼ of the size of a full size midget racecar, this form of racing is restricted to youths since it would be difficult if not impossible for a full-grown adult to fit inside such a vehicle – unless, perhaps, they were a midget. Drivers are aged between five and sixteen and these aspiring race car drivers usually race on small banked ovals. They may race on dirt, asphalt or concrete and there are relatively few quarter midget racing tracks in America. Between eleven and eighteen years of age, a driver may choose to drive a half midget which is about half the size of a midget car. Half midgets have a single cylinder engine which can be as big as 250cc in size and may also compete in a variety of events.

For youngsters, racing midget cars is a great way to get into the sport of auto racing. For skilled drivers, midget cars are the best way to unwind and have fun on the weekends. For fans, midget car racing is plenty of fun. No matter which way you look at it, midget car racing is a great way to spend a weekend.

NASCAR’s Better Safety Standards

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Safety is a cornerstone of NASCAR racing. Though auto racing has not been free of its share of tragedies, the authorities spare no effort in setting standards and by providing amenities, which protect drivers and spectators as far as possible. Safety scores over performance measures and viewing excitement, as far as NASCAR is concerned.

Safety at NASCAR starts with race track design and selection. Presently, the emphasis is on controlling degrees of banking, especially on turns. While banking helps race cars go faster, they also make them unstable, and prone to turn turtle. NASCAR tracks are limited to 36-degrees banking, and many popular tracks have only half that incline. NASCAR also sponsors research in to new materials for outer walls, which will eventually replace concrete, and thus make life safer for drivers. Race car design incorporates a number of safety features. The body itself is a powerful sheet of metal with additional layers for added protection. Metal clips at either end are designed to crush on impact, taking energy away from the driver’s compartment during a head-on collision, and pushing the engine block downwards rather towards the driver. The seat is designed to protect the driver’s vital organs under the rib cage, and the seat belt ensures a much higher degree of restraint than in normal cars. The head and neck are restrained as well. Nets on windows protect the driver’s arms, and flaps prevent cars from getting airborne. Windshields are made of soft materials which do not shatter on impact. Fuel tanks have special safety features as well. NASCAR requires that race cars have restrictor plates which keep top speeds within limits, but some argue that this increases the risks of collisions when cars race close to each other and in groups. Driver helmets are especially designed for high speed impact, and suits are made of flame retardant material. You can be sure that no stone is knowingly left unturned to ensure the safety of your favorite NASCAR drivers and their auto racing adversaries as well! Safety is not a static thing, and NASCAR is a pioneer in bringing the best protective technology to the race track.

The Best NASCAR Sites

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Some NASCAR fans choose top events to attend in person. There are some races which are best known, such as the Daytona 500. Many legends surround these races which have been run for decades. Drivers and owners know that they cannot keep their standings without participating in such events. Public interest in the NASCAR circuit grows each year, and it can be quite a chore to choose race tracks at which to book tickets.

How about choosing NASCAR events to attend based on the attractions of tracks and the cities in which they have been built? This is not to say that Daytona Beach is not worth visiting, but perhaps you would also like to look around some new places? How about combining your NASCAR time with some quality sight-seeing and recreation? There are many choices in the United States, given that NASCAR is now national, but here are two top favorites from the vacation-cum-auto racing stand point, with best locales and city attractions.

No one can tire of Las Vegas! You must die to go if you have never been there, and long to return to experience some more of the excitement, if you are a regular on the Strip! The Nevada Mountains make for some great outdoor activities, quite apart from the evening romance of Las Vegas, and it is also a favorite with corporations for business events. Now here is the bonus: Las Vegas is also a top NASCAR site!

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is not far from the Strip, but no two locales could be as far removed. The track where NASCAR events take place has such a barren setting that you feel as though you have come for a contest between gladiators! Indeed, the UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 is run as though the teams are at each other’s throats! The NASCAR excitement at Las Vegas is as breathtaking as the action in the casinos, and the Nevada countryside makes for an enthralling setting for auto racing.

It is almost the same at Phoenix, though hospitality in this part of the United States adds to the normal NASCAR pleasures. The Phoenix International Raceway has an unbeatable location in the foothills, and there is a summer weekend of auto racing which will meet your NASCAR desires in full! 9 turns on a 1-mile oval track with a paved surface brings out the best in drivers, and NASCAR professionals agree that Phoenix racing is unbeatable for spectator values.

So how about combining NASCAR and vacations? Las Vegas and Phoenix await your pleasure!

NASCAR Car Racing Buddies!

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Loads of benefits await you at the NASCAR Members Club, and you must join right away if you plan to become a regular on the NASCAR circuit. The main advantage is that it extends the pleasure of NASCAR racing well beyond the times of actual races. Branches of the Club are spread all over the United States, and they are great places to hang out during your leisure time. Who can better friends than those who share your passion for NASCAR racing?

There is nothing like celebrating a great win with NASCAR buddies! You will find information exchanges with other members in your town useful, if you are comparatively new to the sport.

A regular newsletter, and detailed NASCAR circuit information, at your door or your desktop, will help you remain at the center of things, even if you are not the social type, or if you do not always have time to attend NASCAR chapter events near your residence. These information services are invaluable if your job requires you to travel abroad frequently. A newsletter is not the same as being track side, but you can always catch up once you are back from a trip. Besides, it is nice to know that NASCAR cares for you. NASCAR Club members have an exclusive section on the organization’s web site, so you can also keep in touch from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Finally, there is an exclusive magazine. It is packed with information, and very attractively presented. It is a sure answer for any time that you feel bored!

A NASCAR Club membership has financial benefits. This adds to your auto racing experience. Get your favorite gear from the NASCAR store at special prizes, and enjoy big discounts at select dining and recreation sites. The NASCAR Club advantage stays with you between events as well!

A NASCAR Club membership enhances your auto racing experience when you attend events in person. Getting to speak to top drivers is entirely different to watching them as mere flecks on the horizon. Even questions other fans ask drivers and crews will enhance your knowledge of NASCAR strategies, and help you enjoy the sport much better. Show off your NASCAR Club membership privileges with pride!

Car Racing Pleasure

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Imagine making a grand living from your interest in car racing! Well, love for automobiles can spawn an international business. There is a huge and a growing demand for restoring and carefully preserving classic models and famous cars. Collectors are willing to pay the kind of money that you can use to turn an auto racing hobby in to a multi-million dollar business.

The trick is to start small. Perhaps you can take a first step by restoring a car you love which a relative or a friend wants to discard. Use profits from such individual project sales to establish a garage where you can handle more than one vintage model at a time. You could even specialize in models which people love, and which have done well on car racing tracks. Incorporate a company once you establish a regular pattern of being able to sell cars you have restored at reasonable profits. You might want to branch in to boosting engine performance and undertaking major repair jobs at this stage.

Start attending auctions to boost your margins. You need resources to make the logistics pay by picking up great deals in bulk, but it will take the business to a new plane once you are able to handle multiple projects at a time, with vastly improved profit margins to boot. Partnership with another car racing enthusiast could be a good idea at this stage, because your reputation must have taken you further by this stage, and you cannot possibly attend auctions, and supervise upgrades and repairs at the same time! Do not compromise on knowledge and skills though, or you could end up sharing profits with someone who just goofs around.

Enthusiasm for auto racing is not the only skill you need at this stage, because word has to spread about the vast collection of special automobiles in your garage-perhaps you have more than one by now! You need marketing support. A person with a flair for public relations, and who can get you some media coverage, would be just right. Keep in mind that some of the most lucrative sales you can make are outside North America, so you must go global at some point.

Not everyone will make it to the same level of profits and sales, but as long as you love car racing, you can put your passion to work by establishing a small business of restoring and re-selling popular, classic and famous cars. Who knows how far it may go?

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