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Other Racing

February 9, 2009 by  
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Autocross Autocross is a well-liked form of motorsports competition. Other than the normal wheel-to-wheel racing, as in road racing, drag racing, or oval racing, an autocross is a timed handling competition similar to rally racing, although on smaller facilities. Autocross racing events are usually held on parking lots or similar paved areas, with the temporary [...]


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Motorcycles vary greatly in size and design from 50cc minibikes to sport and cruising bikes with multi-cylinder engines boasting displacements of over 1,000cc. Motorcycle racing can be risky business requiring great skill and confidence. There are many kinds of motorcycle races in which various types of motorcycles can compete. Road racing is done on public [...]

Midget Car Racing – Gateway to Auto Racing

May 14, 2007 by  
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If you are a racing fan you likely already know all about midget car racing. Many racing car drivers start out their professional careers with midget cars or at least quarter midget cars and this form of race car driving can be exciting. Of course, it does not quite have the sponsorship or coverage of NASCAR or F1 events, but it certainly does have a large following of fans and racers of all ages.

The Soap Box Derby – Auto Racing

September 21, 2006 by  
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You might be forgiven for wondering what the Soap Box Derby has to do with auto racing – the “racers” have no engines after all! Yet a race is a race, and since its inception way back in 1933 it’s likely that more than a few of today’s superstar racecar drivers first experienced the thrill of victory by competing in the All-American Soap Box Derby.

Auto Racing – Racing Flags

September 4, 2006 by  
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Most people are familiar with the checkered flag used to declare the end of an auto race. Others who know a bit about racing know that a yellow flag means “caution”. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are many other racing flags that are used in auto racing and that each of them conveys a very specific meaning to the drivers on the track. That’s the real point: these flags are waved for the benefit of the drivers, not the crowd. Although most, if not all, drivers are in communication with their teams via radio, the tradition of using flags to advise drivers has carried on and has become an integral part of auto racing.

Sprint Car racing – Daring Deeds on the Dirt Track

August 28, 2006 by  
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Sprint Car racing traces its auto racing history back to the impromptu races that were held on tiny unpaved tracks at early 20th century county fairs, horseracing ovals and traveling shows. Time was, sprint car racing was seen as a ticket to the Indianapolis 500 if a driver was good enough to win on a [...]

Baja 1000: A Joy in the Dirt – Auto Racing

June 30, 2006 by  
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Since 1967, off-road enthusiasts have been converging in northern Baja Mexico to partake in the legendary Baja 1000. A race that covers a 1000 miles of rugged terrain from Ensenada to La Paz in the south. For many this weekend in November is the highlight of the off-road racing season and the winner reaches legendary status by crossing the finish line with the fastest time.

Now You Can Learn to be an Auto Race Car Driver

April 17, 2006 by  
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Who wouldn’t envy the opportunity to slip behind the wheel of a Formula 1 or NASCAR race car? Who hasn’t dreamed of what it actually feels like to break out of a curve and hit the straightaway at speeds in excess of 250 miles an hour? The Finish Line Racing School aims to do just [...]

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