Kasey Kahne Shines

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On Sunday, 3 October 2010, Kasey Kahne delivered a breathtaking performance at Kansas Speedway and qualified for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. He is a driver that everyone has been keeping an eye on since he began his racing career, and many believe that there is still a great future waiting for Kahne. He managed to capture his 19th pole of his career on Sunday, which was also the third pole he had managed to take during the NASCAR Sprint Cup season. This year has not been short of excitement and progress for Kahne.

Born in Enumclaw, in Washington, on 10 April 1980, Kasey Kahne is one of the lucky few who has been able to makes his dreams become reality. While almost every boy dreams of becoming a race car driver during their childhood, it is not often that they get the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations, but Kasey Kahne has done much more than just become a fantastic driver, he contributes to the sport is various ways. He can be seen driving the Budweiser Ford Fusion (#9) in the Sprint Cup Series for Richard Petty Motorsports, as well as the Great Clips Toyota Camry (Braun Racing) in the Nationwide Series. Over and above his driving commitments, Kasey Kahne also has his own racing team, named Kasey Kahne Racing, which fields cars for Brady Bacon (USAC Sprint Car Series), Joey Saldana (World of Outlaws), Brad Sweet (USAC Midgets) and Cody Darrah (World of Outlaws).

Driving for Richard Petty Motorsports, Kahne clocked a speed of 174.644 miles per hour to a lap in his Budweiser Ford Fusion, and took the fastest lap time during the second lap at a speed of 173.433 miles per hour. With so many exciting moments happening in Kahne’s life at present, next year is going to be thrilling. The 2010 racing season will be the last time Kahne will be driving for Richard Petty Motorsport, as it was announced that he will be participating in the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season for Red Bull Racing, and will then be joining Hendrick Motorsports in 2012. The future looks bright for this thirty-year-old driver, with new adventures waiting around each corner.

Red Bull Racing F1 Team

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Still a relatively new to the F1 racing scene, the Red Bull F1 Racing Team is one of two teams owned by Red Bull. Red Bull is an Austrian beverage company which focuses on the sale of an energy drink said to boost energy and mental vitality. It enjoys a good global marketing campaign and is known for sponsoring and supporting adrenaline-pumping sporting activities around the globe. The Red Bull Racing team is currently managed by Christian Horner and is set to give up their British flag soon in favour of an Austrian one.

The team started when Red Bull made the decision to purchase Jaguar Racing at the end of the 2004 racing season. Up until that stage, Red Bull had been in a long-term partnership with the Sauber Formula One team. This partnership was broken with the establishment of the new team. Red Bull is dedicated to their F1 team and also to the development of the sport as a whole. The company currently also owns the Toro Rosso team for the development of promising F1 drivers and the Red Bull Junior Team for the development of young drivers. Red Bull Racing also reached a political high-ground with the signing of the Concorde Agreement which will come into effect in 2008. Thus far only four teams have signed this agreement which commits to long-term involvement in the sport.

Red Bull Racing made their debut in the 2005 racing season with David Coulthard in the driving seat. Backing him up in the team’s second car was Christian Klien, who had driven for Jaguar during the previous year, and Vitantonio Liuzzi. By the end of the year it was decided that Liuzzi should drive for the Scuderia Toro Rosso team while Klien would remain with the Red Bull Racing team. In their first year they came sixth in the Constructors Championship and their final number of points outshone Jaguar’s performance over the past two years combined. They even contended for a place on the podium for much of their debut season. In 2006 the team made the decision to switch to Ferrari engines which would help them comply with a rule change mandating the use of V8 engines. 2006 also saw McLaren’s technical director, Adrian Newey, join the ranks of the team, which finished the season 7th in the FIA Constructors Championship, with driver David Coulthard finishing in 13th place.

Having used Ferrari engines in 2006, Red Bull Racing passed the Ferrari contract to Scuderia Toro Rosso, and took the decision to use Renault engines for the 2007 F1 Championships season. Principle drivers for 2007 were David Coulthard and Mark Webber, with Robert Doornbos as the third driver for the team. Despite some problems with the team’s cars during the season, it finished in 5th place in the 2007 FIA Constructors Championship. Using the same drivers in 2008, Red Bull Racing saw one of its driver’s up on the winning podium again when David Coulthard took third place in Canada. However, the team started questioning the wisdom of changing over to Renault engines, especially when the Red Bull ‘B’ Team with their Ferrari-powered cars passed them in points by the season’s end.

The 2009 season started off better for Red Bull Racing as Sebastian Vettel won the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix, with Mark Webber taking second place in their Renault-powered RB5 cars. The team followed up with points victories at the Spanish, Turkish, British, German, Brazilian and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix events, finishing in 2nd place in the FIA Constructors Championships. The 2010 F1 Grand Prix Championships saw Vettel taking the World Championship for the Red Bull Racing F1 team.

Update on the 2008 F1 Season

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With the first three flyaway races of the F1 season complete, now is a good time to have a look at which teams are making their way to the top or dropping to the back. The European Season will be starting in Spain later this month and teams are certainly making good use of the small break between now and then to test their vehicles and improve their chances of winning. A look at some of the top F1 teams will give fans an idea of what to expect for the season.

The Japanese team Super Aguri is ranked only eleven – a remarkable feat when you consider what they have overcome this season to get there. The team only managed to race the first three races of the season, so they are not as prepared as a lot of other teams are. In addition to this they have a shortage of spares, but despite this, they have managed to have both of the team’s cars make it over the finish line on two occasions. This is a rare feat that only four other teams have managed to get right. While they seem to be climbing the ranks, it appears that the team will still suffer further setbacks. Their practice laps have been restricted and they will not be able to make it to the Barcelona test. Only time will tell how Super Aguri will perform during the 2008 season.

Force India has surprised many with its progress thus far and the team has made it to 10th place. At the beginning of the season they said their aim was to avoid the back row of the starting grid and they certainly seem to be doing quite well for themselves. Honda’s team has taken 9th place despite a terrible start to the 2008 season. Despite not gaining any points in three of the races, they have slowly started to climb back to the top mainly due to the good engineering that has enabled them to maintain a good qualifying pace.

Seventh place is taken by Toro Rosso which has been struggling quite a bit this year. Accidents have resulted in the team receiving three DNFs and the Ferrari team has also been having car problems that resulted in Bourdais’ car expiring three laps from home. Despite this, he scored two points and the team is slowly climbing back to the top. The Red Bull team is just ahead of their junior team at seventh place. They too have been struggling with accidents, which have caused a setback. However the initial problems faced by the team seem to have been overcome and now the team’s drivers seem to be racing more consistently.

Renault is sitting at 6th but they seem confident that they will soon catch up and quickly climb the ladder again. Only time will tell how these different teams fare during the European leg of this year’s F1 racing season.