Hyderabad Auto Show 2010

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The Hyderabad Auto Show is more than just an opportunity for the public to view the latest in automotive technology; it provides networking platforms and an environment where industry members are able to build up valuable relationships. Exhibitors will be showcasing a variety of automotive products such as cars, SUV’s, electric vehicles and three wheelers, and other members of the service industry will have stores displaying lubricants, components, tyres, automobile air-conditioning, moulds, décor, dies and much more.

The show hopes to attract general visitors as well as tour operators, members of the transport ministry, transport operators, technicians and travelers. For more information in regard to the show, contact the Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre or the Confederation of Indian Industry, which are organizing the event.

Date: 14 May 2010
Venue: Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre
City: Hyderabad
Country: India

Comtrans 2010

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Comtrans 2010 will be hosted in the Crocus International Exhibition Centre, in Moscow, from the 20th to the 24th of April 2010. It is one of the biggest expos in the country, and specializes in commercial vehicles, luring thousands of buyers and car manufacturers to the event. It is a leading networking opportunity for businesses and members of the automotive industry, with a variety of exhibitors attending the show each year. Visitors to the Comtrans 2010 will be able to view trailers, armored vehicles, trucks, vans, pick-up trucks, mini-vans, busses, all terrain vehicles and much more. Exhibitors will also be displaying their services and products, such as maintenance, tires, lubricants, tools and insurance.

To explore additional information in regard to the Comtrans 2010 show, and its exhibitors, visit the website at http://comtrans.auto-fairs.com/en/leftnavigation/information.

Date: 20 – 24 April 2010
Venue: Crocus International Exhibition Centre
City: Moscow
Country: Russia

Geneva International Motor Show 2010

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The Geneva International Motor Show will be hosted for the 80th year, and motoring enthusiasts will not want to miss out on this event. With approximately a hundred cars on display, from all over the world, visitors will be able to marvel at the cars of tomorrow. Many of the cars fall under the eco-friendly category, being electric or promoting technology that uses alternative power sources. With more than thirty countries participating, the Geneva International Motor Show will feature 250 exhibitors, spread out across an area of 78 thousand square meters.

Exhibitors will also be displaying the latest products and technology available in the motoring industry, and more information in regard to the show and ticket prices, can be found on the website, at http://www.salon-auto.ch/en/pratiques/horaires/opening-hours-5-67.

Date: 4 – 14 March 2010
Venue: Geneva Palexpo
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland

Green Racing a Go With Roadsters

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Auto racing has been getting a lot of flack in recent years for not being terribly environmentally friendly. Now it seems that this facet of sport may potentially have a lot to offer the average man on the street in terms of preserving our fast-degrading environment. Green Racing may ultimately help lessen the environmental impact that cars have on our ozone.

In a new type of auto racing known as ‘green racing’, the winner doesn’t only have to be fast – he has to be green as well. But that doesn’t limit the action or excitement. Instead it serves to improve the eco-friendly options available to the man on the street. According to John C. Glenn, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specialist, this new type of racing may actually have a huge impact on the technology used in street cars. Automobile technology generally develops at a much faster rate in race cars than it does in street cars. This technology is then carried over to and used in street cars. When the emphasis changes from simply going fast to having more energy efficient engines powered by cleaner-burning fuels, the shift in technological advances also changes. This is one of the most positive effects that Green Racing has on every-day car usage. Glen also noted that people tend to base their choice of car on popular race cars. He said: “They see cars racing on the track, and that’s the kind of car they want to buy.”

It was that sort of thinking that lead Glen and other EPA members to develop the concept of Green Racing. Plans where set in motion as early as 2006 and in 2008 the American Le Mans Series race was the first to feature the Green Challenge. The trend is set to continue this year, with Michelin sponsoring the Michelin Green X Challenge in only a few months time. The prize winners will be determined by three main factors, namely: the amount of petroleum displaced by alternative fuels, the amount of energy used and the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by the vehicle. However, in trying to making racing more eco-friendly event organizers certainly haven’t left much room to slow things down – the average car will still make 200 mph! The Green X Challenge is the only racing series in the world where the cars are actually permitted to be powered by an alternative fuel. And, with current problems faced by the economy combined with the continued green-house gas effect, people are more and more likely to embrace this healthier approach to auto racing.

MIAS Internauto 2009

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The MIAS Internauto is a spectacular event and one of the most prestigious motoring extravaganzas in Russia. Exhibitions cover an area of approximately seventy thousand square meters, and showcase everything from the vehicles themselves, to maintenance products, equipment for repairs, chemicals, parts and accessories. Motoring enthusiasts will find the latest and best technology at the MIAS Internauto, which is being held from the 26th to the 30th of August 2009.

More information in regard to the motoring show is available on the website at http://interauto.auto-fairs.com/en/leftnavigation/information/

Date: August 26, 2009
Venue: Crocus Exhibition Centre
City: Moscow
Country: Russia

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