Federated Auto Parts 400 2013

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As the last race in the season before the ten-race Chase for the Sprint Cup, the Federated Auto Parts 400 is of utmost importance to drivers hoping to be among the top twelve in the standings. 2012’s winner was Clint Bowyer driving for Michael Waltrip Racing. Who will take the checkered flag this year? Don’t miss the racing action! For more information go to nascar.com

Date: 7 September 2013
Venue: Richmond International Raceway
City: Richmond
State: Virginia

Toyota Owners 400 2013

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Taking place on April 27 at the Richmond International Raceway, the Toyota Owners 400 is part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, covering a distance of 400 miles on the 3/4 mile asphalt track. In addition to the Toyota Owners 400, Richmond International Raceway is set to host the NASZCAR Sprint Cup Series Federated Auto Parts 400 on September 7, 2013. For more information visit nascar.com

Date: 27 April 2013
Venue: Richmond International Raceway
City: Richmond
State: Virginia
Country: United States

STP Gas Booster 500 2013

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Martinsville Speedway is the venue for the NASCAR STP Gas Booster 500 on Sunday April 7. Located in Henry County, Virginia, it is the shortest track in the Sprint Cup Series race calendar and the only track to have featured on the NASCAR circuit since it opened in 1948. For more information on NASCAR and the STP Gas Booster 500 visit nascar.com

Date: 7 April 2013
Venue: Martinsville Speedway
State: Virginia

Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car

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Hurst Performance Vehicles is a respected name in the racing industry, producing vehicles that have been known for their breathtaking performance, quality engineering and speed. They were founded in 1958, and have grown into an industry leader. The Larry H. Miller Dealership groups, founded in 1979, are leaders in their own right, as they are amongst the top ten dealerships in the United States. Together, these two powerhouses have made it possible for the 2010 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car to be donated to raise funds for the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

The new 2010 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car will make its debut on 25 April 2010, at the Virginia International Raceway, during the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge. This special edition vehicle was built by Hurst Performance Vehicles, and many collectors will be waiting for the opportunity to place their bid for this magnificent Mustang. This unique pace car features a massive 550 horsepower engine that is complimented by a polished supercharger that provides the car with 542 lb-ft of torque. Other features include a specialized Ford Racing braking system, coil-over suspension, K&N filter and a stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. A one of a kind spray job completes this superior muscle car, and it is most definitely going to be a wanted vehicle. The interior will be fitted out with leather that will feature embroidered logos and contrast top-stitching, as well as floor mats and a rear deck spoiler. Before the pace car goes on auction in January 2011, Mustang and racing enthusiasts will be able to view the car at various Larry H. Miller Dealerships, as well as the Hot Rod Power Tour.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer will be benefitting from the auction, and the funds raised for them will assist the centre in much needed diagnosis research, as well as being able to treat many more children. The development of cures for various cancers is ongoing, and over and above treating children the facility also provides emotional assistance to family members and offers educational and developmental programs. The 2010 Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car will bring hope to many families and health to numerous children.

Bristol Motor Speedway

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Part of Bristol lies in the State of Virginia, but the NASCAR section of the Bristol Motor Speedway is located in Tennessee. The twin city may be well known for country music, but it is also a hot spot on the NASCAR circuit. The Bristol Motor Speedway has a capacity for approximately 160 000 spectators, and typically every seat is taken well before time. It has not been around for as long as many of its peers, and has changed hands several times as well, but has emerged as a money spinner and a source of some of the best quality of NASCAR racing to be had anywhere. Ingenious site and track development keeps NASCAR and spectators keen on the Bristol Motor Speedway.

The concrete surface of the track is built for speed, with especially impressive records in the Nextel and Busch series. The track length is relatively short compared to most other NASCAR locations, at just over half a mile, but the banks have been heightened to 36 degrees each, testing driver skills to the hilt. The track is just 40 feet wide, and even the straights have 16 degree banks. Nextel series races go the full 500 laps, though the Busch series is less demanding at half that number. Lesser events generally run over just 150 laps.

The grandstand has been designed to give each spectator a great view of the action. Camping grounds and facilities for recreational vehicles are of such quality that spots are typically sold out even before a season commences!

The Bristol Motor Speedway offers complete auto racing excitement, and meets all NASCAR performance and safety standards. The site is very spectator-friendly, going the extra distance to make sure that everyone gets their money’s worth. Bristol Motor Speedway is set in Bristol, which in itself is a delightful city for NASCAR fans, with plenty of golf and other attractions to make for a refreshing vacation. Book your place for your favorite NASCAR races at the Bristol Motor Speedway before everything is taken!