2007 Road to the Future Award

The Automobile Club of Southern California has always been synonymous with vehicle safety, driving projects and overall dedication to anything automobile related. Since being founded in 1900, they have been actively involved in road improvements and increasing safety on public roads. They also gained great popularity with the NHRA Street Legal Program that they ran, through AAA, to lure illegal street racers off the public roads into safe and controlled environments, such as abandoned runways and deserted dry lakes. Annually, the Automobile Club of Southern California awards the prestigious Road to the Future Award to a promising rookie driver. This year there are five nominees who are equally worthy of the honor.

Remaining true to their belief in safety, commitment to the automotive industry and integrity to the association, the Road to the Future Award is presented to the rookie driver of the NHRA PowerAde Drag Racing Series who has shown the most potential for the future during their first racing season. Just being nominated for this award is a wonderful honor, as it proves to the drivers that they have exhibited noteworthy performances and have achieved the recognition of associations such as the Automobile Club of Southern California. The Road to the Future Award is also a magnificent motivational tool, encouraging rookies to excel and work hard at a successful career, not only in drag racing, but in whatever form of racing they pursue and in the automotive industry.

This year the nominees for the 2007 Road of the Future Award are: Barry Henson (Pro Stock Motorcycle), Ashley Force (Funny Car), Matt Scranton (Pro Stock), Justin Humphreys (Pro Stock) and Craig Hankinson (Pro Stock). One of these names will be added to the long list of racing legends who have also been awarded this title, including Doug Kalitta, Gene Wilson, Jason Line, Tony Pedregon, J.R. Todd and Melanie Troxel. In 1998, the Automobile Club of Southern California presented the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum to the public, in which they celebrate the lives and careers of famous drivers, unforgettable racing events and cars that will be etched into the memories of all racing enthusiast. Not only do rookie drivers long for their name to be added to list of Road to the Future Award winners, but to secure a place for themselves in the annals of racing history.

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