2008 AMA Team USA Announced For Motocross of Nations

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has finally released a list containing the names of the members of AMA Team USA who will be taking part in the 2008 Motocross of Nations. It seems the stars and stripes will be carried by a trio of Monster Energy Kawasaki riders this year, namely Ryan Villopoto, Tim Ferry and James Stewart.

As the trio get read to head off to the UK for the Motocross of Nations, they will likely be keen to try and repeat the success of those that have gone before them. AMA Team USA has thus far taken 19 victories at the Donington Park Circuit in England, so there is a lot to live up to. This will not be James Stewart’s first trip to the event. Unfortunately his hectic performance in 2007 – which made him the AMA Supercross Champion – also landed him with a knee injury that prevented him from shipping out with the rest of the crew that same year. But this year he is back and he is also the current AMA Motorcross Championship’s point leader. Stewart is in good company with Ryan Villopoto. Villopoto absolutely dominated the Budds Creek Motocross of Nations last year and this will be his third consecutive appearance as an AMA Team USA rider. While Stewart is a MX1 rider, Villopoto is the team’s MX2 rider. He has already done well in this position in the past and has been the overall MX2 champion in his previous two years at the event. He will now be looking to try and repeat previous successes with his third straight AMA Motocross Lites Championship.

Tim Ferry is also no stranger to the event and will be participating as the Open class rider. This is his third visit to the Motorcross of Nations. During his 2003 run with the national team, the team managed to finish second overall. Last year he managed to claim the overall Open Class champion title and his contribution to the team will no doubt be a valued one again this year as the USA team does its best to dominate the event. The 2008 Motocross of Nations event will take place on September 27 and 28.

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