AARWBA All-American Auto Racing Team Announced

Another fantastic year of auto racing is drawing to a close and now we’re at that special time of year when everyone’s hard work is duly recognized at various award ceremonies and events. This year is no different, and already the AARWBA All-American Auto Racing Team nominees have been announced.

So far it seems that top rivals Donny Schatz and Jason Meyers have been lumped together for the ‘Short Track’ category of the AARWBA All-American Auto Racing Team. Those who have been watching the two during the course of the year will find it somewhat odd that two rivals have now been made into teammates. Donny Schatz is not exactly a newcomer to the scene. This was the third consecutive time he’d won the World of Outlaws title and also the third consecutive year that he has been given First Team honors. Schatz competed ardently during the course of the year, winning 18 A-feature events and finishing the season with as many as 25 wins. He won as many as sixteen of the various World of Outlaws races and has also taken the Knoxville Nationals for the third season in a row. He is now one of only two drivers to accomplish that feat and he is eligible for the Jerry Titus Award, which is generally given to the ‘Driver of the Year’. After such a strong racing career he is understandably the perfect candidate.

Jason Meyers doesn’t quite have the same list of accomplishments under his belt, but he certainly isn’t doing too badly for himself. This is only the first time that Meyers has been named to the team and he was given Second Team honors after finishing second in the championship standings. He managed to win as many as nine of the World of Outlaws races this season and had 48 top-five finishes. He also had the quickest time trials at sixteen different races and managed to lead the series championship standings for a while near the beginning of the season. He has progressively improved his performance and stats over the year, finishing off by winning the first-ever ‘Breaking the VAULT’ challenge at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. In doing so, he also defeated nine other drivers including top rival Donny Schatz. Understandably both drivers are ecstatic about being named to the team.

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