Alabama Motorsports Park Opening in 2009

In 2009 the opening for the Alabama Motorsports Park, a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Speedway, will take place in South Alabama. This Speedway will attract hundreds of entertainment seekers and fans who want to see and support racers and their teams at racing events.

The Alabama Motorsports Park is mainly owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., his sister Kelley Earnhardt Elledge and their brother Kerry Earnhardt, but there are a number of other investors involved. What will distinguish the Alabama Motorsports Speedway from the other racing venues is that it will have a total of four racing areas. The sections will include a dirt and sprint track, oval track, road course and a drag strip.

The Oval track at the Alabama Speedway will have 75,000 permanent seats available for fans, but enough space for 125,000 people. The Oval will consist of a D-shaped, light asphalt oval, which will be 7/10 miles long. This course will be able to accommodate open wheel racing, stock car racing and other similar events.

The Alabama Motorsports Speedway’s Sprint Track will be 3/8 miles of dirt, which will be able to accommodate any sprint car events. The Dragway will attract all types of drag racing events and will take place on a 1/4 mile track. The Road Course is made up of two sections that consist of different road surfaces. They are connected together and used as testing facilities.

The Alabama Motorsports Park will host a number of motor sports events ensuring that all types of racing fans can enjoy their favourite sport. These events will consist of open wheel, stock car, sprint and drag races. Parking has been looked into thoroughly and will be planned in such a way that all racing fans will have easy access to their vehicles no matter which racing venue they are attending.

There will also be a highly rated RV Park resort available to race fans to stay at throughout the year when attending any of the racing events at the Alabama Speedway. The RV Park will include a lake filled with fish for guests who are keen fishermen. There will also be a variety of restaurant outlets, music facilities (like the Branson-style music theatre), entertainment facilities and retail locations to keep everyone busy.

Racing fans are looking forward to the Alabama Motorsports Park’s opening in 2009.

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