All-Star Speedway Gets Ready For 2nd Showdown

This Saturday will see the start of the second leg of the $20 000 WaterSnoGo All-Star Modified Showdown series. The second race in the four-race series will be held at the All-Star Speedway, which is located in Southern New Hampshire, on June 7. With running costs lowered and the race made more accessible, some 32 teams are expected to show up for the event. The action should be memorable and a lot of fans have already got their tickets.

With the change in venue comes a couple of changes in race strategy. For starters temperatures are already soaring and authorities are predicting about a 20 degree increase in heat for the event. This means that teams that ran the first leg of the race on May 10 may well find themselves having to adapt their strategies and equipment if they want to continue to race successfully. There will also be a change in the length of the race, with the June 7 event consisting of 100 green flag laps. Authorities have attempted to make things more affordable for teams by allowing them to use their tires from the last race to practice for this one. This means they only have to buy one new set of tires for the actual race, making the race more affordable for teams that are still starting out.

Racing fans can expect to see plenty of action at the All-Star Speedway when the race gets underway. Mike Stefanik, a nine-time NASCAR champion and the current leader of the series, will be taking to the track yet again. Stefanik won the Laticrete 150 on May 10 with a 1996 Troyer Chassis. His modest mode of transport proved yet again that driver ability and handling often mean much more than plenty of money and top racing vehicles. Stafanik is up against drivers such as Andy Seuss, Jon McKennedy, Kirk Alexander, Ted Christopher and Matt Hirschman. These veteran drivers will have to watch their backs as a number of top underdog drivers also take to the speedway. Chris Pasteryak, Jimmy Kuhn, Brett Gonyaw and Tommy Cravenho will all be joining in on the action. Each of them are noteworthy drivers and most of them even have a few wins under their belts already.

The racing action at this quarter-mile track is bound to be brilliant. The Modified heats will be starting at 6:00 pm and the racing action will continue late into the night. So make sure you get your ticket for this great race or you will definitely be missing out!

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