All Stars Won By Edwards

The very first NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race took place in 1985, and was hosted by Lowe’s Motor Speedway, which is known today as the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was however named The Winston till the year 2004, after which it became the Nextel All Star Challenge until the year 2007. The drivers of this event consist of the winners of the previous season, as well as the winners of the Cup Series from the last ten years. Drivers are submitted to a qualifying race after which it is pure racing action and excitement on the big day. Thousands of fans Flocked to the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday, 21 May 2011, to watch the $1 million race.

Usually, the All Star Race is filled with legendary smashes, risky maneuvers that take the audience’s breath away, but this year, the drivers were safe, and drove their four segment race without any incident. During the first segment of the All Stars Race, Greg Biffle took the lead and won the first segment, even though Kyle Busch had pole position at the start. But that did not deter Carl Edwards, as he kept Jimmie Johnson at bay to take the win on the second segment. Taking the lead on the third segment was Kyle Busch, after getting away well on the restart, but a caution within the segment saw Carl Edwards edge his way into second position and with five laps left on the segment, Edwards was able to pass Busch taking the victory in the third segment as well. A mandatory tire change saw all the cars go into the pit lane and Edwards’ team were fast and efficient giving him a very favorable restart, putting great distance between himself and Kyle Busch who was chasing in second position.

After the checkered flag flew into the air, making Carl Edwards’ victory official, Edwards decided to celebrate his win on the grass of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which led him to hit a drainage device and damage the front of his car. He apologized to the crew chief as he climbed out the car window and then did his traditional backflip, for his victory at the 2011 NASCAR Sprint All Star Race.

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