Busch Gains 100th Victory

The Nationwide New England 200, a NASCAR event, was hosted at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, 16 July 2011, and it was an event that was filled with excitement and nail-biting moments. Kyle Busch enjoyed a significant victory in this event, as he secured his 100th win and is now one of three drivers in the NASCAR Series that has managed to claim a hundred victories. The number one driver at this stage is Richard Petty with two hundred NASCAR victories, followed by David Pearson with a hundred and six.

At the young age of twenty-six, it was a proud moment for Busch to lap the course with a flag numbered one hundred flapping out his window. It is his sixth victory for the 2011 NASCAR season. He commented that each victory is a wonderful experience, however, Saturday will undoubtedly count as memorable. His victories are made up of twenty-nine Truck Series victories, twenty-two Sprint Cup Series victories and forty-nine Nationwide Series wins.

Even though this hundredth victory is impressive, it is unlikely that Richard Petty’s achievement will be matched, as in the years he raced, the Truck Series did not exist, neither did the Nationwide Series, so he stacked up all his victories in what is known today as the Sprint Cup Series. When asked about the comparison, Busch commented that he would most definitely have been more excited if he had forty nine Series Cup victories behind his name, but he doesn’t and that it does not really bother him all that much. He continued to say that no matter how the score is added, he had still managed to record a hundred victories, regardless of the type of series he has won.

Before the Truck Series put a minimum age of eighteen on their rule requirements for drivers, Kyle Busch was able to begin his racing career at the age of sixteen. It did not take him long to begin raking in Cup victories, as by the age of nineteen, he was already winning races. Busch commented that being able to participate in the Truck Series did prepare him for the Cup Series, and it is where he felt he belonged and could improve his skills within the Cup Series.

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