Car Racing Pleasure

Imagine making a grand living from your interest in car racing! Well, love for automobiles can spawn an international business. There is a huge and a growing demand for restoring and carefully preserving classic models and famous cars. Collectors are willing to pay the kind of money that you can use to turn an auto racing hobby in to a multi-million dollar business.

The trick is to start small. Perhaps you can take a first step by restoring a car you love which a relative or a friend wants to discard. Use profits from such individual project sales to establish a garage where you can handle more than one vintage model at a time. You could even specialize in models which people love, and which have done well on car racing tracks. Incorporate a company once you establish a regular pattern of being able to sell cars you have restored at reasonable profits. You might want to branch in to boosting engine performance and undertaking major repair jobs at this stage.

Start attending auctions to boost your margins. You need resources to make the logistics pay by picking up great deals in bulk, but it will take the business to a new plane once you are able to handle multiple projects at a time, with vastly improved profit margins to boot. Partnership with another car racing enthusiast could be a good idea at this stage, because your reputation must have taken you further by this stage, and you cannot possibly attend auctions, and supervise upgrades and repairs at the same time! Do not compromise on knowledge and skills though, or you could end up sharing profits with someone who just goofs around.

Enthusiasm for auto racing is not the only skill you need at this stage, because word has to spread about the vast collection of special automobiles in your garage-perhaps you have more than one by now! You need marketing support. A person with a flair for public relations, and who can get you some media coverage, would be just right. Keep in mind that some of the most lucrative sales you can make are outside North America, so you must go global at some point.

Not everyone will make it to the same level of profits and sales, but as long as you love car racing, you can put your passion to work by establishing a small business of restoring and re-selling popular, classic and famous cars. Who knows how far it may go?

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