Carl Edwards Wins Carfax 250

During an exciting race on Saturday, Carl Edwards pulled out ahead of the pack to collect his third Nationwide Series victory so far this season. In doing so he took his Planter’s Peanut sponsored car, complete with Mr. Peanut logo, passed 42 race teams and fought off the likes of other top drivers Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers until he at last came out on top.

When Carl Edwards lined up on the starting grid in pole position for Saturday’s race at the Michigan International Speedway, more than a few spectators likely guessed that he’d win the race. But appearances can be deceiving and Edwards lost his lead about mid-way through the race. But it seems a determined Edwards would not settle for second best. He pushed his little Planter’s Peanut car until he at last reclaimed first place from Tony Stewart on the 90th lap of the 125-lap event. The win also marked Edwards’ first victory in Brooklyn, Michigan. Speaking about the race and his single-race sponsored car, Edwards remarked: “The Planter’s Peanut car was awesome all day. There were a couple of cars that were real fast. Tony was real fast, and Brian Vickers was extremely fast. My pit crew just did a great job there at the end.” He went on to remark that the change made by crew chief Drew Blickensderfer made the car fast for the final run and he congratulated his crew on doing a “great job.”

The race was certainly not decided from the outset and fans had to keep an eye on the proceedings to keep up with who was at the head of the pack. Carl Edwards managed to lead for a total of 71 laps while Vickers, who came second, led for a total of 36 laps. It seems that Stewart ran into some difficulties in the final stage of the race and this enabled Edwards to pass him in the pit lane. Despite holding the lead for 36 laps, he only finished third. Mike Bliss, who finished in sixth place, also led the pack for just one lap. The Carfax 250 was exciting and kept fans on their toes and now Edwards enjoys a good point-jump in the series standings as he competes for the overall victory with driver’s like Stewart who already has five wins and eight top-ten finishes in nine races.

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