CJ Raceway to Host Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders

Fans of the Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders should make sure that they get themselves to the CJ Raceway on August 31st for the next installment of this action packed racing series. The event is set to take place at the 4/10 mile raceway in Columbus Junction, Iowa, for the first time this year under the guidance of promotional agency Checkered Flag Promotions.

Getting the venue ready for the event hasn’t been easy. Just a few months ago in June the Louisa County Fairgrounds were completely underwater and it has taken hours of hard work by numerous volunteers to get them back into shape. They are now ready to host all the fast-paced, dirt-slinging action that has become a trademark of the Sprint Invaders. This isn’t the first time that the Ideal Ready Mix Sprint Invaders will be visiting the area. Last year they hit West Burlington where Nick Eastin took his first career feature win after beating Kaley Gharst in an exhilarating race. This year all eyes are on Bobby Mincer who had already been on a role, winning his second Ready Mix Sprint Invaders race of the season on August 16. The two wins have combined with three hard charger efforts to put him at the top of the standings. He is followed by John Schulz, who is just eleven points behind and also has two wins to his credit so far this season. He is followed even more closely by Matt Rogerson who is just three points behind. Rogerson won the season opener at 34 Raceway and is ready to battle his way to the top. Only time will tell if Mincer will continue to increase the gap between himself and Schulz or if the standings will experience a bit of a reshuffle after the weekend’s race.

The old pros will be joined by the rookies who are already showing their stuff in the series. Austin McCarl may only be fifteen years old, but he is providing a bit of a threat to the top ten contenders in the race. He’ll get a further chance to prove what he’s made of when he joins the more mature drivers at the CJ Raceway oval on the weekend. Fans will be able to enjoy plenty of great food, amazing racing action and will even get the chance to meet their favorite drivers after the race. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity! Get yourself to the CJ Raceway this weekend for some amazing racing.

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