Cobra Jet Mustang Drag Car

The Ford Mustang has always been a dream car to many. With popular models such as the FR500C, the FR500GT and the FR500S, it is hard to imagine that these models can be improved on. But on the fortieth anniversary of the Cobra Jet, Ford has produced a new FR500CJ drag racer, which will have every Mustang fan wishing they had one. The Cobra Jet Mustang Drag Car was created to be one of the most breathtaking factory built drag cars on the market. Attention to detail and creating raw power doesn’t just make the Cobra Jet Mustang Drag Car great, it makes it spectacular.

The Cobra Jet Mustang Drag Car was created to make a statement, and Ford is exceptionally proud of their latest member of the Mustang range. The Cobra Jet will have a six speed manual gearbox fitted, however a three speed automatic gearbox can be fitted on request, and will be powered by a 5.4L V-8 engine. A few features were changed from the previous models to enhance the performance of the Cobra Jet, such as an adjusted wheel and tire combination, so that the Cobra Jet will be better suited to drag racing.

Other features include a nine inch rear axle, larger throttle body, single hoop driveshaft loop with a one piece driveshaft, crankshaft dampener, long tube stainless steel headers, an anti-roll bar, cold air intake, drag race spring kit and specially designed rear control arms. The new Cobra Jet will produce four hundred horsepower and will comfortably fall within the ten second ranges.

Unfortunately, there is no hope of running off to purchase one, as only fifty Cobra Jet Mustang Drag Cars will be manufactured, of which all fifty have already been bought and will be dropped off at the respective dealerships for their new owners to collect. Even though Ford has said that there might be a chance of them manufacturing more Cobra Jets in the future, no definite plans have been made yet. There is still some light at the end of the tunnel, as the Cobra Jet will be manufactured from Ford performance parts that the public will be able to purchase. So with a little saving and patience, Mustang enthusiasts will be able to build their own Cobra Jet. Ford Racing Technology Director, Brian Wolfe, was quoted saying: “The 2008 CJ will get us more involved with the sportsmen racers in drag racing. Those Ford racers are among the most loyal Ford supporters and customers we have. The CJ makes a statement for our company that even in times as tough as these, we can introduce something as special as the Cobra Jet. As a guy who has tracked Ford history from the beginning and understands the significance of the CJ, this is by far the best factory drag car that we have produced.”

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