Dave Steele Leading in “Copper World” Class

Dave Steele already has a reputation for being a great driver – and it’s a reputation that’s well earned. The midget car driver already more wins than any other driver when it comes to USAC competitions held at the Phoenix International Raceway. Steele has as many as 8 PIR wins under his belt.

But that isn’t enough for Dave. Next Thursday he’ll be returning to the racetrack to compete in the 33rd ‘Copper World Classic’. He’ll be racing in both ends of the event, which will be presented by Fast Signs, and he’ll be hoping to increase his already amazing number of wins. Why does this Tampa, Florida, driver seem so unbeatable? According to Steele, it’s because he’s been around a long time. “I guess you could call me one of the oldtimers,” he commented in a recent interview, “I’ve raced there for 15 years now and it seems like I always have the best equipment, so that helps.” Apart from 15 years of midget car racing, Steele has also taken part in an Indy Racing League event and a NASCAR Nationwide practice session. The combination of skill, experience and good car parts seems to be an unbeatable one, and Dave Steele may well manage to improve on his existing record without too much difficulty. Steele already has five Silver Crown trophies and three Midget trophies. He has also won eight of the past 12 USAC races held at PIR and has set both the 1-lap track qualifying records.

When Steele takes to the Phoenix International Raceway in a few days time, he’ll be behind the steering wheel of car #91 in both the midget and Silver Crown races. In the midget race, he will be driving a Toyota/Oakley Beast Pink Toyota which has been entered by Nine Racing (Laguna Beach, California), while his Silver Crown car will be a West Coast Roofing/Classic Corvettes Beast/Speedway Engines car which has been entered by Bruce Nicholas. Steele remarked: “We just finished the Silver Crown car so this will be the first outing and we’re looking forward to that.” While some may feel that using an unproven car when setting out to win may not be the best idea, Dave Steele seems confident that his driving, his cars and his team members will all come out tops yet again.

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