Discover the Daytona 500 Exhibit

Auto racing enthusiasts can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Orlando Science Center between 30 November 2007 and 6 January 2008 to get an in depth view of what it takes to participate in, and win, the Daytona 500. The Orlando Science Centre has joined forces with Daytona International Speedway to put together an amazing exhibit which they have called “Discover the Daytona 500“.

This exhibition features authentic racing cars, racing gear and scale model racing, offering visitors a hands-on experience as they explore the history and science behind auto racing. One of the highlights of Discover the Daytona 500 is Jeff Gordon’s #24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet. Visitors can have an up-close look at numerous past and present cars that dominate the Daytona International Speedway.

Memorabilia from Daytona 500 events, including the racing gear of renowned drivers Dale Jarrett and Richard Petty, will be on display. A life-size cutaway stock car model will give visitors inside information on the workings of these popular auto racing cars. There will also be a racing seat for visitors to strap themselves in, a working V-8 engine, a recreated pit stop area and an example of the Gatorade In-Car Drinking System (GIDS). Visitors are sure to be fascinated by the highlights of historic races that will be shown on a video wall, as well as by the driving simulator. The scientific principles relating to the auto racing world will be vividly illustrated through authentic displays and live demonstrations.

The Orlando Science Center aims to provide learning experiences for all age groups. With this in mind, the Discover the Daytona 500 exhibition will have a children’s area where little ones can enjoy a number of themed activities, including the opportunity to drive a battery-operated racecar on a miniature track. Older children can experience the excitement of racing by means of the slot car and pinewood derby tracks, or they can enjoy remote control racing.

The Discover the Daytona 500 exhibition, which is running concurrently with the Orlando Science Center’s holiday exhibit, Titanic, is an event that the whole family will enjoy. Even the most knowledgeable auto racing fan is likely leave the exhibition having learned something new about their favorite fast moving sport.

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