Famous NASCAR Faces

Wood Brothers is one of the best known families in all of NASCAR racing and inspires awe in everyone who follows NASCAR. Glen Wood is head of the Wood family, and yes he was a top NASCAR driver himself. The team is certainly a big name on the NACAR circuit today, but Glen had to claw his way up the NASCAR ranks the hard way. He turned to NASCAR as a business after he won many accolades and driven on most of the top tracks including at Daytona.

The Wood Brothers have been as much of a commercial success on the NASCAR circuit, as Glen was as a driver in his personal capacity. Glen has built up his machines and drivers with the same dedication which he showed behind the wheels. Drivers from the pits of the Wood Brothers have distinguished themselves as some of the best the sport has ever seen.

Many members of the Wood family have played important roles in the team’s NASCAR victories. There seems to be something special in their genes for auto racing! Leonard Wood has not been a driver, and has preferred to remain behind the scenes. He has specialized in speedy pit service, and has fine engineering knowledge of engines. Leonard is Glen’s brother. You may not have seen him, or even may not have heard of him before, but you can be certain that he must have had a big hand in each event for which you admire the Wood Brothers!

A new generation of Woods has taken charge of NASCAR racing. Both of Glen’s sons are actively involved in the sport, and his daughter has a support role as well. The children pay more attention to the marketing and finance aspects of NASCAR racing than their father ever did, but fortunately they have kept the high technical standards which marked the Wood Brothers from the inception.

Ford has a close association with the Wood Brothers, and it has been a relationship that has helped both sides! The Wood Brothers also work actively with the U.S. Air Force, helping to attract recruits from the vast NASCAR fan community. No wonder that this team so scorches the U.S. auto racing scene!

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