Formula One Champion Kimi Raikkonen

When the final Formula One race for the 2007 season kicked off in Brazil, many spectators were almost certain that the race favorite Lewis Hamilton was going to walk away with the championship title. But victory evaded the McLaren Team, as Kimi Raikkonen drove his way to the winning position in the calm and collected style that has earned him the nickname, Iceman.

Fortunately for Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen had enough faith in his own abilities and his determination not to allow racing predictions and leader points affect his positive outlook on the race. He knew that if he was to stand any chance in winning, he needed to move himself ahead of Hamilton, who was in second position at the starting line. And that is exactly what he did, before the first corner. With Raikkonen’s Ferrari teammate, Felipe Massa, leading the field and Raikkonen behind him, Hamilton was caught behind the two Ferraris. Raikkonen eventually took the lead away from Massa to go on and win the Formula One 2007 title.

It seemed as if bad luck just kept on following Hamilton around the track. After being caught in fourth position, the car suffered a series of gearbox problems, landing him into 18th position. Not only was Hamilton fighting his gearbox problems, but he also got forced off the track. During the race, other drivers also headed into trouble, adding to the frustration and adrenalin of an already nail-biting race. Giancarlo Fisichella managed to fight his way back onto the circuit after venturing off the track, but his joy was short lived as Sakon Yamamoto, from the Spyker team, drove into the back of him. Kazuki Nakajima also managed to create chaos in the pits when he literally drove into his mechanics, injuring two.

With Raikkonen winning the race, Alonso finishing in 3rd position and Hamilton being able to fight his way back up to 7th position, Raikkonen ended the season with 110 points, with both Alonso and Hamilton tied at 109. Ferrari had won both the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors Title, after a season that had not exactly been kind to them. Their victory was felt in the hearts of every fan, and even Raikkonen, who is usually quiet and unemotional, could not hide the joy and pride of becoming the Formula One 2007 Champion.

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