GT by Citroen

If you are a PlayStation 3 enthusiast with superior Gran Turismo 5 skills and approximately $2 million lying around in the bank, then Citroen are the people you want to warm up to. Last year, at the Paris Motor Show, crowds went wild as the GT by Citroen concept car was revealed to the world. A car so slick, luxurious and sporty, that what PlayStation fans could only dream about was designed, built and displayed. A virtual vehicle had become reality, and this year Citroen have stepped it up by revealing that this magnificent vehicle was going into production for six vehicles only.

The joint venture between Citroen and Polyphony Digital has created great excitement in the auto industry and motoring fans, who are thrilled that a production version is being made of the GT by Citroen and cannot wait to see it. The task of bringing a realistic and workable design of the vehicle seen in the game to life fell to Takumi Yamamoto. Yamamoto, a Japanese designer on the Style Citroen design team, created a vehicle that is as close to the version seen on the game as possible, leading to a glamorous and dangerous looking vehicle that screams power. Many features of the vehicles and accessories seen in the games created by Polyphony Digital, have made their way from the game to the real world, and the Japanese company is also the leader in developing racing simulations.

The exact specifications on the vehicle have not been released as yet, but it is known that the GT by Citroen will weigh 1 400 kilograms and will have a power output of 780bhp. Exactly what will be going under the hood to produce the power of this magnificent production vehicle is still to be decided, but one thing is certain, and that is that the unveiling of the GT by Citroen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September is going to be a massive crowd pleaser and draw to the show. With only six limited additions up for grabs, many motoring collectors will truly be disappointed if they don’t get their hands on one of these GTs.

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