Hot Racing Action at the 2008 Sprint All-Star Race

The Sprint All-Star Race was first held in 1985 at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Previously known as the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the race has been held there every year, with the exclusion of 1986, and is the most anticipated event of the racing season. It is a race like no other, as no points are given and who ever makes it across the finish line first is the winner of approximately $1million. Drivers take more chances, and battles between drivers that lead to crashes are a common sight. It is a racing event filled with adrenalin, thrills and excitement.

After changing names from The Winston to the NEXTEL All-Star Challenge and finally the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, one thing has remained the same, the champions and eligible drivers of the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race come to Lowe’s Motor Speedway to do whatever it takes to win. The 2008 Sprint All-Star Race will be no different. Different drivers make the cut each year; but the challenge and non-stop action is always guaranteed.

To be eligible to race in the 2008 Sprint All-Star Race, drivers or owners need to fall within the required criteria. Firstly, to qualify, drivers must have won races either within the previous year or in the current year, and drivers who have won Cup Champions within the last ten years are also eligible for the Sprint All-Star Race. Drivers who have won the Sprint All-Star Race in the last ten years, as well as the winner of the Sprint Open are also eligible to take part. This year, drivers such as Matt Kenseth, Casey Mears, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Burton, Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman, Kurt Busch, Tony Steward and Juan Pablo Montoya have earned their place in this prestigious event.

A few changes have been made to the 2008 Sprint All-Star Race. The track has a length of 1.5 miles and drivers are required to complete a course of 150 miles, giving the race a lap total of a hundred laps. The race will therefore be divided into four segments of twenty five laps each, making the changes in fuel and tire wear add to the challenge of the race. Another change, is the fact that all drivers are forced to take fuel and change tires between the third and forth division, not giving them the “stop and go” option during this pit stop.

The changes to the racing format for the 2008 Sprint All-Star Race are going to add to the already heart stopping action that is seen here every year. On the 17th of May 2008, the showdown between the champions will commence and spectators will have to hold onto their seats as the racing action heats up the track.

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