Malaysia Gets Kick Start in A1 GP Season Opening

A1 Team Malaysia got off to a flying start at this year’s A1 GP World Cup of Motorsport season, with driver Fairuz Fauzy putting in a swimmingly good performance and taking home the victory in the Sprint race on the Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands on October 6. Fauzy also finished second in the feature race, making his overall performance a really good one despite torrential rainfall during the course of the race.

Actually, it seemed as if Fauzy was good to claim a neat double until a slow pit stop in the eighth lap of the Feature race, which set him back a bit, making it impossible for him to recover completely. In the Sprint race Fairuz Fauzy started fourth on the grid and managed to move up one place after Irishman Adam Carroll spun out near the start of the race. He quickly lost his lucky climb to third place when Swede Neel Jani charged through and overtook him after a few laps. For a while it seemed that Fairuz Fauzy would continue to be excluded from the top three, but after some fierce driving he managed to reclaim third place on the fifth lap. Not much later he also managed to sweep past Jeroen Bleenkemolen (Netherlands) and move into second place. In the last four laps of the race, Fairuz Fauzy made his final move past Earl Bamber of New Zealand, taking the lead and keeping it until he eventually crossed the finish line in a wet and nail-biting finish. He was followed by Bamber in second place and Loic Duval of France in third place.

Despite the fact that Fairuz Fauzy was unable to win both races, his brilliant performance in the A1 GP World Cup of Motorsport races on Sunday has ensured that Malaysia now shares the series lead with France. Both teams now have 22 points. That is pretty impressive when you consider that Fauzy’s win was Malaysia’s first victory in 27 races. The rest of the season will no doubt prove to be very intriguing as the two countries battle-it-out for series leader. Fans can look forward to plenty more great racing action before the season is over.

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