Manzanita to Host ASCS Canyon Region this Weekend

Racing fans should be getting ready for the Discount Tire Co. American Sprint Car Series Canyon Region which will be held this Saturday night at the Manzanita Speedway. This great race promises to bring all the hot racing action back to Arizona for another exciting weekend race.

The recent weather in Arizona has been hot, but the 1/3-mile clay oval of the Manzanita Speedway promises to get even hotter as drivers, like reigning series champion Jeremy Sherman, take to the speedway this weekend to participate in the ASCS Canyon Region race. But Sherman will have to work hard to hold onto his points lead as Charles Davis Jr. joins him on the racetrack. Davis Jr. recently defeated Sherman, claiming his fifth overall victory of the season and preventing Sherman’s four-win streak from getting any bigger. The win also meant that he stayed within 80 points of Sherman on the points ladder and kept Nathan High of Goodyear 80 markers firmly behind him in third place. Even High will be struggling to hold on to third place, since he is only two points ahead of Mike Martin and six points ahead of R.J. Johnson. Clearly all three drivers will have their work cut out for them on Saturday and that should make for some fantastic racing action.

The ASCS Canyon Region on Saturday will also be the last opportunity that several teams will have to fine-tune their vehicles before heading back for the Annual O’Reilly Sprint Bandits Tour ‘N Topless Midwest swing. The evening promises to be filled with excitement and each of the heat race winners will be given certificates in honor of their achievement. The various heat races will be sponsored by Racing Optics, MPD Race Products, Winters Performance and Sunoco. The Trophy Dash will be sponsored by Arizona Race Mart and Sunoco will also be giving out a certificate to the ‘B’ Main winners in the main event. The racing action will get underway at 19:30 on Saturday night, August 9th, at the Manzanita Speedway, which is located off I-10, Exit 141, in Phoenix Arizona. So make sure you don’t miss out on all the action this weekend at Manzanita Speedway!

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