NASCAR Car Racing Buddies!

Loads of benefits await you at the NASCAR Members Club, and you must join right away if you plan to become a regular on the NASCAR circuit. The main advantage is that it extends the pleasure of NASCAR racing well beyond the times of actual races. Branches of the Club are spread all over the United States, and they are great places to hang out during your leisure time. Who can better friends than those who share your passion for NASCAR racing?

There is nothing like celebrating a great win with NASCAR buddies! You will find information exchanges with other members in your town useful, if you are comparatively new to the sport.

A regular newsletter, and detailed NASCAR circuit information, at your door or your desktop, will help you remain at the center of things, even if you are not the social type, or if you do not always have time to attend NASCAR chapter events near your residence. These information services are invaluable if your job requires you to travel abroad frequently. A newsletter is not the same as being track side, but you can always catch up once you are back from a trip. Besides, it is nice to know that NASCAR cares for you. NASCAR Club members have an exclusive section on the organization’s web site, so you can also keep in touch from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Finally, there is an exclusive magazine. It is packed with information, and very attractively presented. It is a sure answer for any time that you feel bored!

A NASCAR Club membership has financial benefits. This adds to your auto racing experience. Get your favorite gear from the NASCAR store at special prizes, and enjoy big discounts at select dining and recreation sites. The NASCAR Club advantage stays with you between events as well!

A NASCAR Club membership enhances your auto racing experience when you attend events in person. Getting to speak to top drivers is entirely different to watching them as mere flecks on the horizon. Even questions other fans ask drivers and crews will enhance your knowledge of NASCAR strategies, and help you enjoy the sport much better. Show off your NASCAR Club membership privileges with pride!

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