NASCAR Sponsorship Secrets

You may not know the exact amount a company pays to have their brand blazoned on your favorite NASCAR car hoods and bodies, but you must be aware that it is worth millions of dollars! NASCAR has set a new trend in global sponsorship with respect to the amounts of money it attracts from sponsors.

Top brand owners have lined up at NASCAR doors to add substantially to the funds they make available for auto racing. The sport’s following is an obvious draw, and it is a growing trend as well! NASCAR does it bit by ensuring transparency in how sponsorship funds are used. Drivers, owners, and the sponsors have all to be kept happy, just as spectator satisfaction is also a must. NASCAR, over the fast five decades, has built up a well-honed system of keeping everyone happy, and the dollars keep rolling in faster than anyone can count them!

NASCAR sponsorship comes from two basic sources: one is from car manufacturers and from companies that make products and services related to automobiles and to driving. The other source type is from business categories that have nothing to do with auto racing. Why do they invest such huge funds in a matter which should be none of their concern? Who makes such decisions? The surprising answer is that you Mr. or Ms. Consumers are kings! All spectators have decisive roles in determining the dimensions and distribution of sponsorship, because it is your wallet which companies want! Sponsors depend on market surveys, so you may not always be conscious of how the process works, but no one will put money in to NASCAR without your say.

Automobile manufacturers have it easy because they have to back teams and events which will show their stock cars in best light. Your behavior at auto show rooms will be affected by what you see at NASCAR-no one can fight that! NASCAR performance determines not just how many cars a company sells, but the process they can command. It is the same with trucks! Things are different if you sell pizza, fashion ware, or lifestyle goods. Brand owners cannot be bothered with who wins at NASCAR. They may not even be auto racing enthusiasts! However, the million dollar question is who is your favorite team? That is why some teams flounder in NASCAR while their peers roll in dollars! So please use your ‘vote’ and let manufacturers and service providers know which is your favorite NASCAR team. Also, back sponsors who support your NASCAR team, by using their products and services as far as possible. Exercise your power, boss!

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