Now You Can Learn to be an Auto Race Car Driver

Who wouldn’t envy the opportunity to slip behind the wheel of a Formula 1 or NASCAR race car? Who hasn’t dreamed of what it actually feels like to break out of a curve and hit the straightaway at speeds in excess of 250 miles an hour? The Finish Line Racing School aims to do just that. More than just an extreme sport opportunity, the Finish Line Racing School offers a solid introduction and foundation for anyone who has dreamed of a career as a race car driver.

Race car driving is an expensive habit and when it comes to teaching, the Finish Line Racing School is no exception. Two of their most popular courses, the “Competition Driving Course” (2 days, 86 laps) and “Race to Win/Advanced Course” (3 days, 138 laps) cost just over $3000 and $4000 dollars respectively.

You’re not going to become a professional driver in just a few days, but with this introduction to the sport you’ll soon realize whether your race car fantasy is something that’s actually attainable or whether it’s better to relegate your racing from a comfortable position on the living room couch.

Contact the Finish Line Racing School online for more information.

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