The Best NASCAR Sites

Some NASCAR fans choose top events to attend in person. There are some races which are best known, such as the Daytona 500. Many legends surround these races which have been run for decades. Drivers and owners know that they cannot keep their standings without participating in such events. Public interest in the NASCAR circuit grows each year, and it can be quite a chore to choose race tracks at which to book tickets.

How about choosing NASCAR events to attend based on the attractions of tracks and the cities in which they have been built? This is not to say that Daytona Beach is not worth visiting, but perhaps you would also like to look around some new places? How about combining your NASCAR time with some quality sight-seeing and recreation? There are many choices in the United States, given that NASCAR is now national, but here are two top favorites from the vacation-cum-auto racing stand point, with best locales and city attractions.

No one can tire of Las Vegas! You must die to go if you have never been there, and long to return to experience some more of the excitement, if you are a regular on the Strip! The Nevada Mountains make for some great outdoor activities, quite apart from the evening romance of Las Vegas, and it is also a favorite with corporations for business events. Now here is the bonus: Las Vegas is also a top NASCAR site!

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is not far from the Strip, but no two locales could be as far removed. The track where NASCAR events take place has such a barren setting that you feel as though you have come for a contest between gladiators! Indeed, the UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 is run as though the teams are at each other’s throats! The NASCAR excitement at Las Vegas is as breathtaking as the action in the casinos, and the Nevada countryside makes for an enthralling setting for auto racing.

It is almost the same at Phoenix, though hospitality in this part of the United States adds to the normal NASCAR pleasures. The Phoenix International Raceway has an unbeatable location in the foothills, and there is a summer weekend of auto racing which will meet your NASCAR desires in full! 9 turns on a 1-mile oval track with a paved surface brings out the best in drivers, and NASCAR professionals agree that Phoenix racing is unbeatable for spectator values.

So how about combining NASCAR and vacations? Las Vegas and Phoenix await your pleasure!

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