The Jeep Story

The Jeep is an auto with a special place in the national life of the United States. This unique type of automobile was born during the early years of World War II. The U.S. Army needed a vehicle for light reconnaissance over difficult terrain. The Jeep from Willys met the specifications very well. The basic objective of Jeep design has remained unchanged in the decades of peace which followed the war. The Jeep is your best choice of auto when you need to negotiate surfaces of uncertain quality.

The Jeep has an amazing record of keeping abreast of cutting-edge auto technology. Owners can have the best of a rugged image with great amenities. Though “GP” is military jargon for new equipment under test, the latest Jeep models have evolved in to autos which can hold their own at top social events, as much in any tough outdoor environment. The Jeep can stand up to any grade of international competition. It is something of a bulwark against the domination of the U.S. auto scene by Japanese and German players, though Jeep does benefit from its own Mitsubishi links.

Jeep sponsors top sports events. It has a big hand in bringing the best outdoor entertainment and recreation options to customers-whether real or in terms of potential. The Jeep brand strongly associates with a sportive personality, and is a brand to drive with pride. Passenger comforts and safety are designed to please guests and the family as much as does the owner and driver.

The 2007 Compass can hold its own against top Japanese SUV competition. Electronic controls on 4-wheel drive can have you handle any off-road challenge like a pro. The modern looks are really eye-catching. The 2007 Patriot goes a step further with separate 4-wheel control systems for paved roads and for off-road conditions. Traditionalists will love the 2007 Wrangler, which delights with thoughtful touches to embellish the most rugged features. The round headlamps and fold-down wind shield are special touches of tradition in our age. The Unlimited Wrangler has amazing luggage space, and can take 5 adults in luxury. All-in-all, Jeep has something special for every auto lover, with best-value performance features.

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