The NASCAR Phenomenon

Have NASCAR heroes become bigger than auto racing itself? Adulation for driving skills is one thing, but excessive interest in the personal lives of top drivers, team members and owners, may signal a need to pause and reflect. Perhaps worship has no limits! Some observers are astounded by the rapidly climbing NASCAR influence: it certainly sets the U.S. apart!

Since automobile ownership and driving are so common in the country, it would be appear that people find it easier to exploits in NASCAR racing than at other sports. Surveys show that even people who do not follow auto racing closely, know of and admire the best of NASCAR!

Some guys have it all! Top NASCAR drivers are good looking as well, and attract stunning models like wasps to a light! Weddings in the car racing fraternity can be mega events. Media will pay just about anything for even a single stolen photo of a private wedding ceremony. Some NASCAR heroes have latched on to this new money-making opportunity like top Hollywood actors, and go to great lengths to milk as much as they can from pictures of the most important days of their private lives! The luckiest ones do not even have to go to the lengths of a marriage-even a casual social event or a chance public encounter is enough to set off paparazzi frenzy!

The craze is not limited to drivers or to the media for that matter! Even hardened cops look the other way when a top NASCAR boss breaks the law, or let them off as lightly as possible! Does anyone deserve special treatment because they happen to work for NASCAR? However, this cuts both ways and perhaps we make too much out of even the simplest incident concerning anyone around NASCAR!

Public adoration is notoriously fickle, so the top NASCAR heroes of today should watch out! There could be rookie drivers and computer nerds planning for future events, even as our blue-eyed men party! It is tough to make a mark on the NASCAR circuit, but no one can afford to let guards slip when it comes to holding position against the competition. That is not too different from the reality of laps is it?

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