The New Ferrari F2007

To the untrained eye and to the enthusiasts that are not mechanically minded, the new F2007 Ferrari or as the project was known, the 658, does not look all that different to its predecessor. But as the professionals know, it is all in the small details. And it is those unnoticeable changes that makes all the difference in a Formula One performance car.

Although Scuderia Ferrari has revealed the new car, there are a few photographic angles, such as the rear, that are missing. But it is also expected that the Ferrari team would like there to be a few surprises, as in this business, competition is tough and secrecy is the name of the game.

What is known about the new car is that the design has been modified and is different in many ways. Opposed to the 248 F1, the F2007 has a longer wheelbase and the front suspension has been changed. Due to the changes in the body, other parts of the car, such as the air intake for the engine, cooling systems and radiator exits have been adjusted. Aerodynamics is always the most important factor when designing and creating a car, and again the team has remained with carbon fibre for the gearbox housing, which has also been shaped a little differently to fit the narrower rear, and includes a seven speed gearbox, plus reverse.

The side-pods of the F2007 Ferrari have also been revised and the car weighs approximately ten kilograms more than the 248 F1 did, to meet the standard safety requirements. The engine has also been modified and has slight changes made to it.

It is still the 056 engine but revisions have been made to exhaust chambers, pistons, valves and combustion chamber. In a general overview of the new Ferrari F2007, the car is 4545 mm in length, 1769 mm in width and together with the driver, water and lubricants, that car will weigh 600 kilograms. The engine will have total weight of 95 kilograms and have eight cylinders and thirty-two valves. The new and improved pistons will be able to handle 19 000 rpm and many hours have been dedicated to the control and safety of the car.

The new red force on the track will also have a few advertising changes, such as Vodafone being replaced by Italia Telecom sponsored Alice. But it is not the look of the car that Formula One enthusiasts and fans will be looking out for, but its performance on the circuit.

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