Truck Racing – Speed, Size and Excitement

When it comes to truck racing, there are so many associations and different forms of truck racing exist, that it is not easy to choose a favorite amongst them. Each form of truck racing consist of amazing machines being put to the test on closed courses that are a far cry from the race tracks designed for the Formula 1 race cars. From Monster Truck Racing to Super Trucks, truck racing is a sport that gets the adrenalin pumping and the tires squealing.

When driving down the freeway, we often see eighteen-wheelers patiently hauling their commercial cargo. To see an eighteen wheeler adapted to racing is remarkable. Who would have thought that unhooking the trailer and racing the truck would be such a popular and exciting sport!

But Supertrucks, which are used in truck races, are somewhat different to the work-horses of the road. As with any motor sport, the trucks are modified to reach higher speeds. In fact, Supertrucks can reach 100 miles per hour, or 160 kilometers an hour. To ensure the safety of drivers, the maximum speed for truck racing is limited to 160 kilometers an hour and a Supertruck is required to weigh in at a minimum of 5,500 kilograms.

Very few and mostly minor accidents occur as trucks may accidentally nudge each other during a race. A normal truck race will last between eight to twelve laps. Drivers of the trucks must be registered and licensed to race through the Motor Sports Association (“MSA”). However, there are different race versions of the sport available across the world, such as the NASCAR> Craftsman Truck Series, the British Truck Racing Association Races, European Truck Racing and Australian Truck Racing.

Monster Truck Racing, on the other hand, involves the racing of modified pick-up trucks. They are distinguished by their extremely large wheels that usually measure approximately 66″ x 44″ x 25″. The wheels are then fitted to a large custom-made suspension, making the truck seem dwarfed by its tires. Monster Truck Racing is more an entertainment sport with one or more trucks crushing smaller vehicles underneath them. Motocross Racing, Tractor Pulls and Mud Blogging are all forms of Monster Truck Racing. Some races require the trucks to race on symmetrical tracks while other competitions offer “freestyle” events where the skill of the driver is tested through his tricks and crushing abilities.

Many forms of truck racing have evolved over the years, with Super Truck Racing and Monster Truck Racing remaining the favorites. Speed and power are two attributes that have always fascinated humans and when it comes to truck racing, spectators and auto racing enthusiasts alike are impressed with seeing these eighteen wheel behemoths roll onto the race track.

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