USRA 2008 Rulebook Released

Every year the United States Racing Association (USRA) reviews and updates their official rulebook to ensure that races are kept fair and that rules stay up to date with improvements and changes in the industry. The recent release of the USRA 2008 Rulebook has everyone in the industry buzzing with excitement.

According to the USRA, the changes came about after an extensive review of the various combinations of classes that are currently sanctioned by the organization. The 2007 Rulebook caused quite a stir when it was released last year, as it included a number of significant changes that ensured that the 2007 racing year was an exciting and successful one. Included in these changes was the addition of a spec motor, as well as providing the option of a quick change rear-end. This year, the successes and failures of the 2007 year were considered and only a few minor clarifications and safety standards have been added or changed to ensure that things keep running smoothly.

The most significant change to the USRA Rulebook for the new year applies to the Stock Car and USRA B-Mod classes. The participants in both classes have now been given the option of using a crate engine. Stock Cars are also allowed to use non-claimable spec motors. These allowances have already seen significant changes starting to take place and the 2008 racing season proves to be a very exciting and unpredictable one. The changes were brought about mainly due to efforts to keep the cost issues involved with Stock Car races as low as possible so that racing enthusiasts can continue to participate in this exciting form of dirt racing.

The USRA was formed with the goals of increasing driver participation, increasing sponsorship and increasing attendance. These are things that the organization is definitely managing to achieve and we can certainly look forward to more exciting changes in the future. In the meantime, the 2008 USRA rulebook will come into effect on 1 January 2008. Those wishing to know more about the new rule changes can have a look at the rulebook on the United States Racing Association’s official website.

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