Vettel Magic Continues

The fourth event of the Formula One Grand Prix 2011 was hosted on Sunday, 8 May 2011. With Lewis Hamilton beating Sebastian Vettel during the Grand Prix in China, he was confident that he would be able to deliver another great performance during the Turkish Grand Prix held at Istanbul Park. But a disappointing pit stop put an end to Hamilton’s race for first position. Instead, Sebastian Vettel enjoyed a comfortable victory – his third victory this season – increasing his lead on the championship leadership board. But Vettel remains grounded and is not becoming overconfident.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the finish line 8.8 seconds before team mate Mark Webber, making it a very successful Grand Prix event for the Red Bull team. Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso had a roaring fight for second position, but Webber was able to take second position, leaving Alonso in third. Alonso was still pleased with securing the first podium position for the Ferrari team this season. Lewis Hamilton had to settle for fourth position, with Nico Rosberg of Ferrari taking fifth position, followed home by Jenson Button of the McLaren team in a disappointing sixth position.

Even though Vettel now has a thirty-eight point lead over Mark Webber and a thirty-four point lead over Lewis Hamilton, he is still humbled by his victories. Speaking to the press, he commented that once you consider yourself unbeatable, someone will come along to prove you wrong and that there will be days when someone is better, so it is still too soon to get excited about the championship. He also said that he was definitely happy about the lead they have been able to create, but that there is still a long season ahead.

Starting from pole position once again, Sebastian Vettel seems to be doing extremely well this season, and doing well in defending his title so far. This year was also a good year for the Turkish Grand Prix, which seems to be increasing its spectator attendance with each event. The next Grand Prix event will be hosted in two weeks time in Barcelona and fans all over the world will most definitely be interested in seeing if Sebastian Vettel can increase his lead even further.

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