NASCAR sure has its pulse on fans of the sport! Few peer bodies can match the exuberance and organization of NASCAR. The excitement and exhaust of the NASCAR circuit tends to cloud some top grade Services Marketing which is at work here! NASCAR understands its targeted market segment so well, that it is able to build durable bonds with all stake-holders. It has even developed a lovable jargon all of its own, so you can now spot NASCAR fans by the way they speak!

This unique sports body is thoroughly professional in its approach. It approaches what is essentially a recreation activity with the systems which can run large corporations well. Well laid strategy lurks behind the NASCAR circuit at all times! What you see on the surface is people cheering and simply having a good time, but behind the brouhaha is a plethora of process, systems and down right hard work!

A key ingredient of the NASCAR formula is to protect the legitimate interests of everyone involved in the sport. Drivers and their crews, sponsors, and automobile manufacturers all get equitable and transparent shares of the pie, and this in turn builds the kind of confidence and commitment which keeps the NASCAR circuit in top shape.

The schedule of events is hectic, so fan attention is continually engaged. The build up to each NASCAR event, and its aftermath, create as many ripples as each track event itself! This frenetic pace attracts liberal funding and sponsorship because brand owners know that it is NASCAR which has a hold on the customer’s mind.

NASCAR encourages technological innovation, and pays due attention to safety standards. A major success in this sport has been that machines and men have improved continuously over the half century or so that NASCAR has been around, and yet the body has also done so much to prevent serious accidents and to protect drivers as best as possible.

NASCAR keeps the sport above board, shunning tracks which favor local teams, and enforcing uniform vehicle specifications and racing conditions. Fans love the sport and the body which organizes the races, because they know that the competition is for real, and the best man-machine (or woman!) combination will win.

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