F1 Championship 2007 Season Round up

The F1 Championship for 2007 has been a racing season filled with rivalry, disappointment, elation, shocking events and pleasant moments of surprise. It has been a year for F1 Grand Prix like no other. Many fans were concerned when the legendary Michael Schumacher announced his retirement, wondering if the famous tension between Ferrari and McLaren would slip into the pages of history. But those fears were laid to rest during the 2007 F1 racing season.

On 21 October 2007, at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the F1 racing season will come to a dramatic end. The points log for the Drivers’ Championship has not been this close in years, and it cannot be judged or ruled at this time who will walk away victorious. The second last race for the season, held in Shanghai, made the predictions for the Brazilian Grand Prix much more interesting. Felipe Massa, once the supporting driver for Michael Schumacher and now the teammate for Kimi Raikkonen, has shown his worth consistently throughout the season. In the Chinese Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen won the race with great ease, while his main rival, Lewis Hamilton of team McLaren, was less fortunate by crashing out of the race after thirty-one laps. Many of the Formula 1 drivers struggled in the wet weather in Shanghai. Kovalainen of Renault was having difficulty with his tires, and if that was not enough, he collided with Nico Rosberg from the Williams team. Rosberg later suffered a setback with a punctured tire during the 29th lap.

What makes this last race so interesting is the Drivers’ Championship log. At present, Lewis Hamilton is in first position with 107 points. In second and third position is Fernando Alonso with 103 points and Kimi Raikkonen with a 100. Coming in fourth is Felipe Mass with 86 points, pitting Ferarri and McLaren against each other, yet again. The worst-case scenario for Lewis Hamilton would be if he gets caught behind both Ferraris, with Alonso in the lead. If Massa were in the lead, with Alonso second, then his victory would be secured.

Due to the F1 Grand Prix industry being rocked by the spy allegations between Ferrari and McLaren, it leaves the Constructor’s Championship open for Ferrari that has accumulated 186 points so far, with BMW in second place with 93 points. Another upset, which took the F1 racing world by surprise, was the retirement announcement of Alexander Wurz from the Williams Team. The Brazilian Grand Prix will be his last race, and his replacement is still to be announced. The 2007 F1 Championship has definitely been one of unexpected events and nail biting excitement. The 21st of October is going to be even more gripping, if this season is anything to go by.

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