Vettel Wins Unforgettable Monaco Grand Prix

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Known as one of the most famous legs of the Formula 1 season, the Grand Prix de Monaco has been taking place since the year 1929. Its intricate and exciting course is laid out through the streets of Monaco, and as it features difficult corners, tunnels and even elevation changes, it is also known as one of the most challenging races of the season. Even though extremely high speeds cannot be reached on the course, is remains one of the most dangerous and on Sunday, 29 May 2011, the course showed just how treacherous it can be.

The 2011 Monaco Grand Prix was filled with nail biting action, heart stopping accidents, penalties, accusations and fast paced maneuvers that left spectators breathless. It was a race that will long be remembered. The most chilling session of the race came very near to the end. It was a battle between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, with Jenson Button doing extremely well in gaining on them in the last twenty laps of the race. It was going to be an epic battle, as Vettel was racing on old tires with a one stop strategy, and with Button having fairly new tires he was doing very well in catching the front runners. Things began to slow down a little as they hit traffic, and with all the traffic and front runners trying to get ahead, it was inevitable that chaos would ensue. After emerging from Tabac, Adrian Sutil could not avoid hitting the barrier, while Lewis Hamilton had the unfortunate luck of being hit in the back of his car by Jaime Alguersuari. Vitaly Petrov tried his utmost to avoid the accidents ahead of him, but in his attempts to get around the situation he hit the wall.

Safety cars and flags immediately came out, which ended up being a lucky break for Vettel and the Red Bull Team, giving them time to put new tires on his car. Another safety car was brought out after the tunnel claimed the cars of Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton, with the two cars colliding into each other. After that there was no stopping Sebastian Vettel, who won the Monaco Grand Prix, putting him in the championship lead with 58 points.

Malaysian Victory for Vettel

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It seems that there is no stopping Sebastian Vettel this season, as he secured his second victory for the season off two races. This gives him an early jump on working towards the Driver’s Championship again, and the entire Red Bull team is extremely excited at the talent and determination that is being shown by both their drivers. Vettel took to the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend with great enthusiasm, leading the race from start to finish, with chaos, problems and break downs taking place behind him, leaving spectators spellbound.

The 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix turned out to be an extremely thrilling racing event that kept all spectators on the edges of their seats throughout the event. Vettel’s teammate, Mark Webber, had to fight for his fourth place finish after suffering unfortunate problems with the KERS (Kinetic Energy Regeneration System) that has been fitted to his car. The issues saw to it that Webber lost his third place position, and fell back to tenth position. Webber was forced to fight to get back into contention, and the entire race was filled with breathtaking passes and change of positions.

Lewis Hamilton also had a rough run, driving for McLaren, when Fernando Alonso first bumped into the rear of his car. Alonso was forced into a pit stop due to a front wing that needed to be repaired, and Hamilton had a devastating pit stop after which he fought with worn tires near the end of the race, and had to settle for a seventh place finish. Of course, a grand prix would not be complete without the heart stopping moment of a car veering off the track, and during the Malaysian Grand Prix, Vitaly Petrov of Renault went airborne and had to retire from the race as his car suffered severe steering column damage.

The day started off with extreme heat and also supplied drivers with some rain to test their skills on a wet surface. It was a day of excitement and racing action like never seen before. As Sebastian Vettel enjoyed his victory lap, he praised his team, saying to them: “In the heat, we kept our heads cool. It is a pleasure every week to drive with you boys and I’m loving it.”

Classic Ford Show

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The Classic Ford Show is a day filled with thrills, entertainment and revving engines. Sunday will be a full day with a schedule that includes Run What Ya Brung, 1 500 Classic Fords on display, Ultimate Classic Ford competition, Retail Village, Autojumble, FireForce Jet Car, live bands, DJs, quizzes, and children’s entertainment. Don’t forget to also pick up a copy of Classic Ford Magazine.

Date: 5 June 2011
Time: 9 am
Venue: Santa Pod Raceway
Location: Podington
County: Northamptonshire
Country: United Kingdom

Trevor Bayne Victorious at Daytona 500

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Sunday, 20 February, was a day of excitement, thrills, victory and remembrance at Daytona International Speedway. Tribute was also paid to Dale Earnhardt Sr., who ten years ago, on the 18th of February, was involved in a fatal crash at Daytona. Always driving the number three car, fans stood in silence holding up three fingers on the third lap of the Daytona 500 in remembrance of a legend. It was not long after that, that the action on the speedway started, with black flags, car crashes and an unforgettable victory for Trevor Bayne.

The 2011 Daytona 500 was a race that kept everyone busy. Spectators were holding onto their seats as collisions caused restarts and no less than seventy-four lead changes. Clean up crews had their hands full and even Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were taken out the race due to a crash a mere six laps from the finish. The Daytona 500 was also sent into an overtime period due to another incident four laps from the finish. A mistake made by David Regan on a restart, by changing lanes too soon, saw Trevor Bayne take the lead, and experienced drivers fighting to find a way to outclass the twenty year old rookie.

Trevor Bayne drives for the Wood Brothers racing team, which was established in 1950 by Glen Wood. The team tasted their first success in North Carolina on 16 October 1960. But in the last ten years, the team has not enjoyed one victory, until their well-known red and white Ford crossed that finish line with an elated Bayne behind the wheel.

When asked about the black flag incident that put him in the lead, Bayne commented: “That rule is tough. Do I agree with it? I don’t know what to say because we’re sitting here in victory lane… Neither one of us might have ended up in victory lane had he not gotten black-flagged. I have to thank them for getting us up there because if it wasn’t for them we never would have been in that situation to take the lead.”

An elated Eddie Wood, team owner, commented: “We never did quit. We just kept trying. Bringing back the red and white car with the gold numbers that Pearson drove, that just seemed like it put things back to normal.”

Trevor Bayne also became the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500, in the history of the race.


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Powercruise is the top modified car event in Australia and New Zealand, which has now expanded to the United States. This thrilling event sees fans driving their cars alongside modified street machines, drag cars, hot rods and imports. Other highlights of the show include powerskids, drifting, off-street drags, burnouts, show ans shine, Miss Powercruise and so much more. Powercruise was created so that auto fans could do what they’re not allowed to do on the roads.

Date: 22 to 24 July 2011
Venue: Brainerd International Raceway
City: Brainerd
State: Minnesota
Country: United States of America

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