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  • Alabama International Auto Show 2009

    Being named the biggest auto show for consumers in Alabama, the Alabama International Auto Show will have more than four hundred vehicles displayed. Thirty manufacturers will be represented at ...

  • Off Road

    Off road vehicles and the sport of ‘off roading’ have a large and enthusiastic following across the country and, in fact, around the world. It’s a variation on the old ‘my car’s faster than yours!’ jibe, only in this case it’s ‘my car can go where your car can’t!’ Combine this competitiveness with the typical […]

  • Production Vehicles

    Production vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from family cars to off-road vehicles and much, much more. Each production vehicle manufacturer will create a number of models for mass production, thus providing people with a wide choice of vehicles to suit their needs and budgets. The auto production industry is a perfect example of […]

  • The Great American Automobile Race of 1908

    Ever since the invention of the wheel, mankind has been searching for better ways to travel faster and more effectively. This process has taken many thousands of years yet one competition has ...

  • Need for Speed – Auto Racing

    In 1898, Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, set the first land speed record at a break-neck speed of 39.24 M.P.H. In October of 1997, Andy Green of Great Britain moved the needle past the 763 M.P.H ...