Stay informed of all car shows and auctions

Does the thought of seeing the newest concept cars make your heart beat faster? Do you long to participate in the fast-paced action of a classic car or muscle car auction? Attending car shows and auctions are not only enjoyable pastimes for car-lovers, but it can also assist you in finding the right car to suit your needs. Car shows are held regularly worldwide. At factory-sponsored events like the Detroit Auto Show, car and truck manufacturers place their latest models on display for the public to see.

These shows are a great opportunity to get to know what cars are on the market as well as how they look inside and out, up close and in person. These events are also opportunities for automakers to show off some way-out concept cars and gauge public reaction. Cars like the original Dodge Neon and the Lincoln Mark VIII made their first appearances as concept cars at auto shows, and with minor changes were soon available as production cars. There are other types of car shows, such as the annual event at Carlisle PA where owners of historic and classic cars can show off their restoration efforts and compete for prestigious prizes.

Car auctions are wonderful places to get great deals on cars. Vehicles sold at car auctions may be new, used or repossessed vehicles. At a car auction, the car will be sold to the person with the highest bid. Participants are given the opportunity to view all the vehicles that are up for auctioned before the actual auction begins. Be careful though, it’s easy to get caught up set your price limit and do not exceed it. Find out about auctions in your local newspaper.