NASCAR Drivers

When it comes to auto racing in the United States, NASCAR definitely makes the top of the list. This exciting form of racing is one of the best supported spectator sports in the country. It is well endorsed, organised and sponsored and many racing drivers focus their careers on this sport. Because it is so well supported and organised, NASCAR racing enjoys good television coverage which further expands its fan base – often to different parts of the globe. Fans are brand-loyal and advertisers have found that one of the best ways to get their sales to pick up is to endorse a popular driver. This has helped provide much of the funding needed in order to help the sport grow to the extent that it has over the past few decades. Fans have emerged in virtually every state and people across the country are familiar with names such as Dale Earnhardt, Richard Todd Bodine, Ricky Craven, Michael Waltrip and Bobby Labonte. These are just a few of the great NASCAR racing drivers who are covered on this website.

A number of father and son teams have also emerged as fathers have shared their passion with their sons. Drivers such as Ned and Dale Jarrett, and Dale Earnhardt Senior and Junior have each enjoyed considerable success in their own right and shared the prestige of previous generations. Sometimes the family tie to racing stems even deeper – as is the case with the Petty family who have enjoyed three generations of racing greats – Richard, Lee and Kyle who is now carving his own name out in the NASCAR racing scene. Other family ties are not unknown – such as Bobby and Terry Labonte, brothers who have both enjoyed successful racing careers.

In this section on Famous NASCAR Drivers, we have tried to cover the basic details of as many different legendary drivers as possible. From their early life to the pinnacle of success and beyond, you will find that learning about drivers such as Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Burton can be every bit as interesting as the sport itself. Oftentimes the drivers lived lives that were as explosive as their performance on the track – lives which make for interesting reading. So why not scan the list of names for your favourite NASCAR driver? We welcome you to learn more about these NASCAR driving legends.

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