Auto Racing Sponsors

Racing sponsors are individuals or companies who provide funding for racing teams or drivers in exchange for the right to advertise their name, logo and/or products. Advertising includes placing the racing sponsor’s logo on the car, team’s clothing and on transportation vehicles. It may also involve drivers promoting the sponsor’s products or services in the media, for example starring in TV commercials. Auto racing is a good “vehicle” for sponsors.

If you think about it, a televised race shows images of the cars for an hour or more – what better platform for a company’s logo could there be? Perhaps the most successful auto racing sponsor is STP. If the company never sponsored racers like Richard Petty or Mario Andretti, it’s doubtful that no more than a few people would know the name of the firm or the products (primarily engine additives) they make. But – think of Richard Petty’s famous number 43 racecar, blue and red with a huge STP logo on the hood, and you will have just proved the value of auto racing sponsorship, big time!

If you’re an auto racer or own a racing team, there are several steps involved in procuring a racing sponsor. First is preparation, i.e. deciding how much money your endorsement is worth to potential sponsors. The next is prospecting. This involves finding sponsors and choosing the best sponsorship for your needs. Next is contacting the sponsors. It is important to give a good impression and know what you are going to say. It is vital to strategically sell yourself to the racing sponsor. Once the contract is signed, it’s incumbent upon the racer or team owner to provide the sponsor with the advertising opportunities they expect and thus keep them happy – and keep the money flowing.

We hope to provide auto racing teams, independent racers and motorcycle racers with a resource that will enable them to find a sponsor or sponsors. If you are interested in being listed as a racing sponsor on, please contact us for prompt assistance.